Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Checker Reviews of 2018

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure which is commonly pronounced as BP or often named as Arterial Blood Pressure is basically the circulating pressure of the blood within the body. Against every single heartbeat, the blood gets pumped between two extreme points either at maximum (systolic) or minimum (diastolic). The blood pressure is mainly responsible for delivering the blood across the whole body which is pumped by heart. The difference of disturbance in the blood pressure ultimately means that there’s something wrong with the heart.Best Blood Pressure Checker Reviews

Classification of Blood Pressure:

Below mentioned is the table that generalizes the blood pressure rate between the points systolic and diastolic for the adults. This standard is being followed by American Heart Association. The values are extracted on the basis of daily visitors who come for measuring blood pressure readings.

For Adults


However in United Kingdom, the blood pressure readings are generally classified into three groups:

  • Low (90) – Lower (60)
  • Normal (Above 90/60 & Under 130/80)
  • High (140/90 Or Greater)

For the Children, refer below



Reasons For Disturbance In Blood Pressure

Undoubtedly, this fast moving world has put our lives on quite a pace. This has lead to numerous hectic activities during or even after the work. Many of the people have sort of sitting – jobs so they get quite lazy with the passage of time. However, after getting done with job hours, people get involved in watching television and prefer to relax. This has increased much anxiety within our body organs. We have almost quit the habit of doing exercise on daily basis. This is an alarming situation for all those people who have been just sitting and relaxing lately. Such attitude can ultimately increase the risk of heart problems and other disease associated with it.  Therefore, it is very important for everyone to get checked the blood pressure even if you are fit. There are many diseases that ultimately become incurable just because the blood pressure didn’t get maintained in time. Knowing the disturbance in blood pressure at early stages can make you cure lot of diseases. The best solution to monitor the blood pressure with a qualitative check monitor that our website will surely suggest you.

Significance of Blood Pressure Checker / Monitor

Blood Pressure monitor or checkers do play an important role when it comes to extract the readings for blood pressure within a body. In earlier years, this facility was only available in hospitals. However, as the medicinescience has progressed, blood pressure checker monitor provides a lot of leverage to the patients while being at home. However, the matter of fact is that you are just required to purchase a reliable and qualitative one.

How Blood Pressure Checker Works

The cuff that is wrapped around the arms is basically responsible for the extraction of exact values of blood pressure. It is inflated so that pressure can be exerted on the arm’s artery. For a moment or so, the inflated cuff stops the flow of blood in that specific area where stethoscope is also placed. The nurse also keeps listening if the flow of blood has started again. The moment the blood pressure starts to flow or when it is heard by the nurse, it should be equal to the cuff pressure. If that’s not equal, it means that your blood pressure is either high or low.

Portable Blood Pressure Monitors / Checkers:

There are dozens of different types of Blood Pressure Checkers available in market these days. There are digital as well as aneroid monitoring checker easily available with slight variation in cost. After engaging cuff to your arm, the result will automatically appear on the small screen.

Do’s & Don’ts For Measuring Blood Pressure:

In order to extract nominal reading of the blood pressure within the body, one must need carefully consider the do’s and don’ts before measuring.

  • It is highly suggested that you should not consume tobacco, alcohol or caffeine in any form before 30 minutes of blood pressure monitoring procedure.
  • It would be even great if you can go to washroom and rest for approximately 4 – 5 minutes.  Remain silent and raise your arms to the level or heart, gently wrap the cuff around making sure that 1 inch of the cup should be 1 inch above.

Panasonic EWBU04W Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Panasonic EWBU04W Arm Blood Pressure MonitorPanasonic EWBU04W  Overview:

The most prominent feature of the unit is its portability. Undoubtedly, the unit is small in size but a great one in terms of quality. It has got quite a good memory and can store number of readings of a user. The monitor given with this unit is of a great quality. Many people think that being a minute in nature would probably be disturbing when you come to read the results. Since the quality of the monitor is specially designed keeping in mind the concerns of the people and that’s the basic reason behind its success. When it comes to accuracy, you simply can’t compare it with any other brand monitor even the top – notch ones. This unit has remarkable fetched the most accurate results up till now. If you are looking for a cheap but portable, and qualitative one then this unit can stand best at your choice.

Detailed Review:

Panasonic’s EWBU04W is basically designed for those people who are looking for portable product. This one serves their needs at its best. It is not only compact in size but has got additional and extended features as well if compared with the previous versions of Panasonic’s blood pressure monitors.

The cuff is very intelligently designed. It can be wrapped around the monitor and the whole unit gets perfect fit into the pouch that comes along with the product.  If you are fond of travelling, then you should really consider it.

The ONE TOUCH AUTO INFLATE feature makes it more convenient for you to use the product. You are simply required to wrap the cuff around your arm, just press the start button and the cuff will automatically get inflated while the results will appear at the LCD.

What Comes In The Box:

  • Panasonic EWBU04W Arm Blood Pressure Monitor          x              1
  • Carrying Pouch                                                                                     x                 1
  • “AAA” batters ( pre – installed in the unit)                               x                4
  • English Instruction Manual                                                             x               1

Feedback From The Customers:


User 1:                                  “Me and my husband both have tried the very same model from Panasonic. He is quite muscular and got large arms but still the cuffs were perfectly ok to him. Let me say that cuff is of a great quality. It has got hard plastic at the start with something flexible which is very convenient to use onto any size of arm. All in all, it is very appealing and attractive, plus, it brings up the most accurate readings for us.”


User 2:                                  “I had got one from any other brand maker. It was too rough. It was large in size and was so much noisy. In recent days, it become much noisy that my ears were on the verge of falling apart. However, my doctor recommended me this unit which I borrowed without any research (since my doctor recommended it). I am very much thankful to Panasonic and to my doctor as well who introduced me to this very friendly device. I am in so much calm than ever before.”

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Microlife BP3NB1 – 1X Premium Blood Pressure MonitorMicrolife Premium Upper Arm Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

With all the respect for the brand makers of blood pressures, this one has created the much hype than expected. However, according to some of the users, this brand deserves that much hype of the publicity. Up till now, people are considering it a qualitative product with highly optimized accuracy and efficiency. This is one of the great products from Microlife, once again. The unit is completely user – friendly, and can even serve the needs of multiple people simultaneously. Certainly, this was one of the most prominent features which raised the eyebrows of large people around the medicine industry. In addition to it, “guest feature” has added quite value in this product. If you are really looking for a quality product for blood pressure monitoring purposes then this one is certainly for you. It is quite durable which can handle your needs for long term.

Detailed Overview:

This product includes number of such attractive and appealing features which simply puts it in the top – row of quality blood pressure monitoring devices. It would be no wrong to say that Microlife BP3NB1 is one of the premium monitors of all time.

Furthermore, this product includes “One Touch On (Automatically)” Feature. There is no rocket science involved in using the unit. You are required to have no past experience at all in order to make it run for you. All you need is to simply touch the screen and go through the options for which you want it to operate on. Bingo! You are done. On the default mode, you are required not to change its setting if you intent to check your blood pressure and heartbeat rate. It will directly show the results of LCD screen.

This unit has the capability of serving the needs of two people at a time. However, it also welcomes the guest user with regard to the feature “Guest User”. In this way, the guest can also check the heartbeat rate and blood pressure on the LCD screen without disrupting or manipulating the result of consistent two users of the house.

What Comes In The Box:

  • Microlife BP3NB1 – 1X Premium Blood Pressure Monitor                  x               1
  • “AA” Batteries (Already Installed In The Unit)                                      x              4
  • AC Adaptor                                                                                                    x               1
  • “One Size Fits All” Cuff                                                                               x               1
  • Instruction Manual and other accessories

Feedback From The Customers:

Andy Crop:                                  “I have using it for quite a long time and I can say it for sure that this product has served all my needs with optimum effecieny and accuracy. All I need is just to plug it and I am done. Rest is all handled and assured by this unit.”

Irain :                                  “I was not familiar with the products that monitor blood pressure until it became the necessity in my family. I purchased this one on the recommendation of one of my medical friend. And, It’s the best one. I am always thankful to him”

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