7 Best Bouncer Seat Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

What is a Baby Bouncer Seat?

A baby bouncer seat is a semi-upright padded seat which your baby can bounce in. When you have a new baby, there are all kinds of things you need to consider, to keep your baby safe, happy, comfortable and entertained. One very popular option for keeping your baby snug and happy is an infant bouncer seat. These seats are usually made of a thick metal tube frame, although the frame might also be wooden or heavy-gauge plastic, as well as a soft pad which fits to your baby’s shape and offers spine support.

The best bouncer seats have removable pads so you can wash them. Wet diapers are going to come into contact with the fabric at some point, so this is important. A bouncer seat is semi-upright, so your baby can see the surroundings, and sitting half-upright is often more comfortable than lying down, especially after feeding.

Some bouncer seats rock and bounce, and others just bounce. Some play music, some have toys attached, and others offer a gentle vibration to lull your baby to sleep. A lot of people will forgo these and just get a basic baby bouncer seat though since they are only used until the baby is about 6 months old anyway. Once your child is old enough to sit up unassisted or reaches the age or weight limit for the bouncer, you should stop using it in case it tips over.

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Have You Ever Used a Bouncer Seat for Your Child

✅ Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Buy Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is one of the highest rated baby bouncers you can get, and parents everywhere love its cute design, ease of use and features. This infant bouncer seat is safer than one of those old-fashioned jumpers you hang from a door frame. This has a rotating seat and various rainforest-themed toys that your baby can grab or watch. This model is great for a baby who can hold his head up unassisted but who is still unable to walk or climb. Choose from 3 height positions, depending on your baby’s height, and enjoy how this jumper folds up quickly so you can move it from room to room easily. Will your baby like the swinging monkey, spinning lizard or bobbing elephant the best, or will he like the drum with music and lights? This baby bouncer seat offers the perfect mix of stimulation and comfort.

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An Infant Bouncer Seat Needs A Back Support Or Base Which Is Wider Than The Actual Seat.

Choosing the Best Bouncer Seats

A lot of good bouncer seats will have an overhead mobile or a detachable play bar, featuring fabric or plastic toys for your baby to watch, bat or kick. Some have sound effects or colorful lights which respond when your baby moves, and others vibrate at different speeds or simulate heartbeats or nature sounds. Of course, you do not have to choose the top bouncer seat, but it is always good to find out what types of bouncers are on offer so that you can make a smart selection.
An infant bouncer seat needs a back support or base which is wider than the actual seat. The base should have rubber pads or something else nonskid underneath. The base should be wide, stable and springy. Also, what kind of safety belt does the bouncer have? A three-point harness or five-point harness is good, but ensure the straps are secure and strong before putting your baby in there. A good baby bouncer seat for newborns will have an adjustable, cushioned head support.

Semi-Upright is Cozy for Baby

Some bouncers, like the Svan Baby Bouncer, recline from almost horizontal to nearly upright, but not every bouncer reclines this much. A lot of parents do not use this feature anyway, and babies seem to enjoy the semi-upright position best. The seat fabric should be durable and comfortable, and you can choose from a wide range of styles and colours for the seat fabric.

Some seats are slightly padded, and others are very thick. Thick padding is really comfortable but can be a suffocation risk for young babies. A baby bouncer seat is something you should choose carefully, to offer the most comfortable and soothing experience for your baby, and peace of mind for yourself as a parent.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer Seat

Buy Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

This one is perfect for a newborn baby because it is soft, snuggly and cradles your baby safely, which is what every caring parent wants for their little one. The pad is removable and machine washable.

The bouncer seat has an optional vibration which many babies like because they find it comforting, and there is a mobile overhead with hanging birds for your baby to watch or bat. There is a 3-point restraint harness, and the cradle plays soothing music too. This one does not bounce unless you bounce it by hand, so it is probably better for very young babies.

The material is very plush and soft, which babies love, and this is a nice-looking bouncer too.

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✅ Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Best New bornbaby Bouncer

Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer, Blue/Yellow

Consistently getting great reviews from happy parents, this bouncer is one of the most versatile ones you can choose. It is easy to get your baby in and out, and the toy bar has lots of possibilities.

It comes with three toys, and you can add more. The adjustable arches mean you can have direct access to your baby without having to move any bars or toys out of the way first. This is something which some other baby bouncers overlook. You can hang your own toys on the bars, so pick out baby’s favourite ones. This bouncer is lightweight but very sturdy and safe.

It features soothing vibrations, lights and music. The toys include some leaf-shaped teething rings, a soft hippo and an electronic crab which can clip on to the arches. This is a fun bouncer for baby, and you will love the quality and safety of it.

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Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat

If your little one likes to be held and cuddled all the time, you can still find an infant bouncer seat which is going to soothe her. Try this My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat. The vibrations and music will be comforting, and the fabric used for the headrest and body is soft and plush. The headrest is made of lamb’s wool which always feels lovely. The plush lamb and adjustable mirror dome provide stimulation and you can easily remove the toys when the baby is napping. This is the best baby seat if you are looking for a good all-rounder, especially if your baby can be hard to settle. The gentle vibrations do not feature in every baby bouncer seat, but some babies find it comforting and sleep-inducing.

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Infant Seat

If you are tired of listening to the same lullabies over and over, you will find the ones on this baby bouncer seat refreshing. Featuring an Asian twist, they certainly make a change from the ones you know inside out anyway. You get 10 songs in 2 musical styles, as well as nature sounds. The vibration is optional, but it is very gentle and smooth, which a lot of babies find comforting. The wood accents make a change from cheap-looking plastic and make this something which looks good in your living room, like any other piece of furniture. Not every mom is interested in stylish, trendy baby accessories but some are. There is an overhead mobile with hanging toys and also carry handles so you can carry this infant seat between rooms. The soft parts are machine washable, and the 3-point restraint harness keeps baby safe in there.

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Different Types of Bouncer Seats

If you are buying your first bouncer seat, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types available, so you make a good choice. There are 2 main kinds of bouncer seats, some offering a moulded plastic surround seat and others with a basic fabric seat. Younger babies like seated bouncers because these gently bounce while your baby moves around and kicks. Bouncer seats are better for babies who cannot sit up yet. Remember that not all babies like to bounce though, so bear that in mind before you spend a lot of money on one! Perhaps a friend has a bouncer your baby can try; then if he likes it, you can buy one of your own.

A fabric bouncer can bring lots of enjoyment to babies, and you can get soft baby bouncers for low prices. The smaller seat on a fabric baby bouncer gives your baby more freedom to flail their arms and wriggle. Fabric ones are also easy to fold and store and they do not weigh much. They do not offer as much protection from knocks though. A plastic seat bouncer can be wiped clean, and it protects against door frame bumps. They take up more space than the fabric bouncers. They are also more constricting than the fabric kind, so your baby might not like the rigid ones as much.

Seated bouncers let small babies create a rocking motion while they are sitting and these are suitable for newborns and upward. Some bouncers will reward your kicking baby with lights, stimulating sounds or music. This type of bouncer is suitable for a baby up to about 20 pounds or one who cannot yet sit up unaided. A seated bouncer restricts movement more than a door-mounted type, but it is safer for younger babies. If your baby loves being in one of these, you might want to upgrade when he gets too big for it, getting another type of bouncer to replace it.

The Uses of a Bouncer Seat

A baby bouncer is a godsend, and it can be like having another pair of hands. If you want to get some chores down, but your baby is restless, why not invest in the best bouncer seat for your budget and your baby will be entertained and comfortable, allowing you to get on with other tasks. Babies like to be entertained with lights and sounds, so you might wish to look at some of the more advanced bouncers, those with more features, to keep your baby happier for longer. Your baby can exercise in there in safety, squirming, wriggle and kick to his heart’s content, and a baby bouncer will allow him to do that safely and comfortably.

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