Best Desk Lamps Reviews-Buyer Guide

Desk lamps are preferred mostly for doing work that needs a lot of concentration. They are said to be more user friendly and comfortable for students who spend most of their time studying and preparing themselves for exams or competitions. These lamps are meant to be used for a particular task and so the light provided is sharp and glaring enough for the desk only.



Clip on Desk Lamps

Some of these lamps are available in the model which can be clamped to the desk. They usually do not have a base but instead they end up with clamps that can be attached anywhere so that they stand firmly and provide light conveniently. This model is generally preferred by professionals like designers, artists and illustrators who require a good amount of lighting while working. Photographers, animators and cartoonist are also included in the list as they also need great light. Most of the job done by them needs adequate light on the work area than the entire room. See our experts reviews on Clip on Desk Lamps.

Led Desk Lamps

Led desk lamps are famous because of it different features like Powerful Bright Illumination, Extremely Long Lasting, Don’t Overheat, Save Money and Save Environment. High quality Smooth and uniform lighting, no ghosting, no glaring.

College Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps are used to provide sufficient light for working or reading as the other light may not be sufficient for these purposes. Straining of eyes to do any work which needs concentration can damage the eyes and hence people opt for desk lamps.

The 14 college desk lamp is one of the best ones that fit the budget of a person conveniently. This lamp can be positioned and fixed as per the requirement. Some of the leading models include those of Betty Lou, Bagalight, Sebastien Maleville Creations and Trask lamps. The popular brands of those made in US include those of Mica Lamp Company, Arroyo Craftsman and Northeast Lantern.
There are many students who reside in dorms or hostels while pursuing their higher studies and since they live in a group they need to live and study without disturbing others. For this purpose the college desk lamps work wonders as they can study for long odd hours without disturbing the other students. The best part is that these do not consume much of electricity too and can be switched off whenever necessary. The CFL bulbs are extremely safe and in demand with the desk lamps as they provide good white light and are also economical as compared to the traditional yellow bulbs.

Tiffany Style Banker Desk Lamps

Another famous model named Tiffany Style Banker is a desk lamp with different styles of glass shades and is mostly used on the banker’s desk to help them in counting cash. The earlier models of this lamp came in brass with glass shade in green color. In due course of time these lamps became common with people who needed to work on the desk. Of late they are used by almost all kinds of professionals and not only the bankers. The most attractive part of this lamp is that they are available in many colors and shapes and the shades used in them are handmade bits of stained glass.

Cool Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are used mainly for work which needs more concentration. The floor lamps provide generalized light which spreads all over the room whereas those placed on the desk give light to a particular area depending on the nature of work.

Desk lamps are perfect for illuminating a work space. For the best results choose a lamp that produces the right amount of light for your needs on 2019 – 2020. A good starting point is to select the type of light bulb you want to use.


  • Updated December 18, 2018
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