Best Drone for GoPro Camera-Buyer Guide

What is the Best Quadcopter for GoPro Camera? It will be clear this time. Indeed, it is definitely fly a quadcopter with GoPro is a great option to take pictures and video from the top. Love for the hobby aerial drones and make the video more and more liking. Although generally take pictures from the air cannot be too long ranges between 1 to 2 hours, and even then depending on the strength of aircraft used to fly.

As for the drones to gopro, the moment there are 4 types of products are commonly used. Among the GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero 3, and most recently, the GoPro Hero 4. Based on the type divided into three series, Hero Black, Silver Hero, and Hero (if the first Hero White).

This is an awesome video. It shoots with a GoPro Karma. Ever since I saw this video I was hooked! The GoPro is so versatile, you can film your life. But when you connect it to a quadcopter, the possibilities become endless. I have dedicated this website to the hobby and sport of taking videos with the spectacular GoPro cameras and list the different models and capabilities as well as where you can get the best deals. I’ve even included some of the look-a-likes that are good performers but at a reduced price.

Best Quadcopter for GoPro

Most importantly quadcopter selected must also support and have done well to bring Gimbal GoPro camera. Price match quality is indeed valid, but it’s been a lot of drone with various prices so that we can customize existing financial. If you still do not know the model that fits try to see five unmanned aircraft following categories best quadcopter for GoPro.

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with GimbalDJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Gimbal

The first is DJI Phantom because it is currently the most popular among hobby drone. Dji Phantom 2 already contained a GPS tracker system to monitor the location of flight, thus helping also for beginners. Connect to wi-fi has a distance of approximately 300 meters and can also be connected to a mobile device to see the sights of a live performance.
Indeed, for a series, DJI Phantom 2 Vision is not equipped GoPro, but you can attach themselves on the bottom of the fuselage. Regarding stability is certainly very good and the speed is too unreliable. With a full charge Phantom, 2 can fly more than 25 minutes, a long time to take pictures from the air.

Best Quadcopter Gimbal For Gopro Hero 3 – DJI Phantom 2

Best Quadcopter Gimbal For Gopro Hero 3 – DJI Phantom 2Start thrilled by flying quadcopter types of UAVs could autopilot is an interesting hobby. When first using the mini unmanned quadcopter not be afraid to fail in fly and fun. But after a long fly people to start thinking glance quadcopter best camera of its class that can be relied upon, incorporating HD quality. If you want to have it even if no problem costs prohibitive with Brushless GOPRO Camera Gimbal Mount best that can be relied upon to fix defects in their cameras, continue to pay attention to the balance by making measurements using sensors to keep pace and from the wobble quadcopter.

By choosing three axis, gimbal HD get smooth video and look professional for your quadcopter. In one of the largest online stores are usually already in included a package containing a battery, SD card support up to 32 GB. To use it necessarily required the installation of cameras and battery on the quadcopter.

Features 2-Axis GOPRO Hero3

  • Simple structure and light weight.
  • CNC Metal manufactured
  • Brushless direct-drive motors
  • With anti-vibration rubber balls, easy to adjust
  • Fit for GoPro hero2 / 3/3 +
  • Weight: 205g
  • With 2pcs 2208 gimbal motors and controllers
  • Especially for DJI Phantom and Walkera QR X350 quadcopter

DJI Phantom 2 white GoPro Hero 3

One of the recommendations is suitable for Best Quadcopter for Beginners is DJI Phantom 2 FPV vision feature that will automatically return when the battery starts showing weak. Like Dji phantom previously with GPS technology quadcopter can fly up to 25 minutes using the battery cartridge 5200Ah capacity.

Good enough to be able to bring you see the beautiful view from above without fear of shaking. Observations of top professionals with 3DRobotics FPV or FatShark Mindset is so great. With DJI quadcopter can fly according to the area because it is equipped with a radio console with RC battery subordinates.

At this point, the driver can Often change the transmitter and send quadcopter and Best Small cyclic quadcopter Generally directly corresponds to how quadcopter. This is especially useful if the rotation quadcopter less experienced drivers to browse the video.

Actually, for holding the remote pointed at the beginning of the take-off to the east, the direction of the cyclic stick will not, in general, Appropriate care quadcopter way, that the title has been changed.If you plan to stay with a small camera without auto-stable hinge receive occasional video, at least nine “propeller.

When the voltage is reduced to a predetermined voltage application FreeX control parameters, the lights flash on quadcopter to inform the driver of low voltage and battery pilots can detach and Easily quadcopter before the battery is fully discharged. It is also very happy to clean your quadcopter unload video, featuring all the details and every little thing that you have in the box.

Even then, it must be improved, so as not to get into a good alternative to the use of the clamping mechanism to keep Reviews their hands in the database, and machines in their hands. Ready to Fly (RTF) Lumenier QAV250 quadcopter Mini FPV glider, Although not fully functional FPV Quad worth QAV label.

Reasons Why is the need to have a set of GoPro in wide-angle mode only because it tends to make quadcopter look like much bigger than it really is. Although the actual user may choose the multi rotator free drones, the resulting video can be at risk of shocks and not feel uncomfortable and affect your hobby community. Look in reality to get the Best Quadcopter GoPro indeed must be willing to spend big money, but much better specify that you want to use and easy and you can master the controls.

Blade 350 QX RTF

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives besides DJI Phantom not wrong to use Blade 350 QX Quadcopter. No need to mount again to attach the GoPro camera, because it’s a feature that has been provided to dampen vibration when taking pictures.

With a lightweight body blade, 350 qx easily flown with four flight modes and automatic GPS location locks flying for 30 seconds. At the transmitter Return, Home Mode is a feature that is marked with a green LED light quadcopter can return to its original position when you fly. Stability Mode for beginners drones will be very helpful to get a stable flight before more proficient.

Blade Quadcopter 350 QX Supports Use of Gimbal Equipped SAFE

What would you think about the new beginner’s look at the model quadcopter? The present unprotected propeller may make risky. But for the first understood Blade Quadcopter, 350 QX can stable enough to fly to the circumstances windy outside.

When conditions do not allow the aircraft too far, users can use the feature Return to Home (RTH). If the problem propeller is still uncomfortable, you should upgrade to the latest firmware so long quadcopter more stable fly.

What are the differences of each of the old and the newest models? If the first release Blade QX models are certainly still some discomfort on the propeller to fly, it is also the firmware that needs improvement with the model afterward.

Namely Blade QX2 with firmware 2.0 makes better afterward, as well as the quality of the blades is also improved. Flights certainly get more time. With larger battery tray and capacity of 3000mAh will earn 30 percent more than the original version 350 QX. There are two models of the same in this version distinguishes the camera along with dreadlocks AP combo.

To all models are equipped SAFE technology, including the latest Blade 350 QX3. But the striking thing is that the camera looks CGO2 like eyeballs watching.

By using the camera means AP Combo for GoPro is not used anymore. Ability 16MP camera can take 1080p video at 60fps is also controlled by a smartphone.

At the top stands a GPS that strengthens transmitter mast, but the signal wifi cameras which can be connected to the device it may affect GPS.

Which makes a lot of talk about it because Blade 350 QX fit combined with action GoPro cameras. So it becomes an alternative to the many quadcopters with the camera.

Basically, Blade 350 QX Quadcopter is coming to RTF ready immediately flown. Easy to get started after TX is on and connected to the plane, select the desired mode. Also turn on the switch on the back of the blade 350qx quadcopter until the LED lights will light a few moments later. That as a sign that the GPS signal has been appropriately locked.

Start using the button on the TX to start fly. However, if the acting strangely quadcopter recalibration may be necessary to balance well pressure. It can also happen because they some people sometimes add something to add tekananya be unstable.

Of the many options drone models that support the use of camera gimbal, of course, is biased into a pretty good alternative. Stability fly with intelligent GPS mode bias reliable enough for lovers of aeromodelling in bringing a camera. Other advantages include safer pilots avoid the distance between quadcopter with the aviator.

Walkera QR X350 PRO + G-3D Gimbal

Have a flying time of approximately 23 minutes quadcopter is often equated with DJI Phantom. Control range is about 2 km by using Devo 7 or 10.

With 3-axis gimbal Walkera G-3D does not have to bother if you use the G-2D gimbal brushless. Gimbal can duserasikan with a GoPro camera, SJCam, and iLook.

Flying experience is also supported by GPS technology that allows you to HOLD position while flying. Feel the sensation of flying like a real pilot using FatShark glasses (not included). The aluminum case included in the box so that it saves expenses.

Walkera Scout FPV3 Version X4 GoPro

Just like Walkera X350 qr controlled by Devo transmitter so no need to ground stations for the screen display FPV which phantom not have. The use of Android and IOS can also be applied as a control to connect to wi-fi. The camera can be mounted GoPro Hero 3/3 + or an iLook / iLook + Camera with support flying time of about 25 minutes with a distance of 1.5 km. Vane 4 on the rotor also allows it to be increased to 8.

Ghost Drone Varian Aeriel

After a campaign held in Indiegogo ended now Ghost Drone easier get. It is designed not require special control, only need iOS or Android smartphone. By simply tilting the device only air will move in the direction desired. There are features Auto-Follow that can follow users anywhere as long as it is still connected to the remote control. With a flying time of 20-30 minutes gimbal also supports all versions of GoPro cam action, including GoPro4, and record up to 4K resolution.
Ghost in the initial design idea is to make it easier to make a movie in the air. Especially the photographer and videographer to record or make a film of air at a low cost, not interesting.

Ehang Ghost Drone Aerial Review

Ehang which is the manufacturer of the Ghost Drone now has several offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and San Francisco. They seem to really want to develop a ghost that is easier to use. No wonder some people compare Ghost Vs. Phantom or Parrot, perhaps because of its simplicity.

Controlled with Android and IOS App

Is designed to be controlled using a smartphone Ghost possessed its own unique way, so it does not need the remote control. Three fly mode as follows.
Micro Mode: Quadcopter controlled mode with a single click on the screen and sliding in the desired direction.

Tilt Mode: Sort mode smartphone tilt steering wheel to move it, enforce it forward, left and right.

Auto-Follow mode: may never encountered before. With smartphones that are already connected wherever users want to go Ghost Drone will follow. Take a look at this video alone.

With the controls are very friendly starter drone can also be much less who have advanced. From the side performance also not be underestimated.

With a flight time of up to 20 to 30 (without gimbal camera) Ghost can detect things such as buildings or trees and avoid fatal accidents. Flight speed of 49m per hour and windproof with claims 21knot maximum flight range of up to 1000m radius.

The most important of these is quadcopter has a compact design that is easily assembled and gimbal compatible with all GoPro cameras or similar types of measures similar to the gimbal.

3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal

Take a look 3DR Solo quadcopter which has a different technology of drones in general. Designed to meet the needs of aerial video/photo, Linux-based computer systems embedded in the vehicle and on the remote at 1 GH processor speed. Solo drones where can fly and record their own videos with a level of precision that is difficult to like a professional videographer.

3DR Solo Robotics fly has four modes that can be used. Cable Cam made a solo fly follow the line of a straight orbit; Orbit makes fly solo around the object or building, Follow Me if you want solo followed where a moving target, Selfie is definitely for photo selfie.

Gimbal Fungtions

Expected a lot of people make different from other drones exist in Gimbal 3-axis integrated with the ground. That way you can control when you start using the feature start / stop recordings, change the frame rate, adjust the fps as well as other features while fly. GoPro camera also supports Hero3, Hero3 + or Hero4 that can wirelessly stream HD video through iOS and Android.
Still not satisfied with the appearance of real-time rendered and want to see more clearly. Discover the HDMI port on the Controller 3DR Solo to be connected to the TV, head-mounted display (HMD) or even a Jumbotron.

Choose a layout like a game console same function keys used by drones in general. One stick is used to drive the fly up and down. One sticks to the direction of rotation to the left and right. And one for rotation toward the left, right, front and rear along the axis. Battery information can be viewed on the color display located in the middle. The controller will start vibrating when the battery is almost completely discharged.

Now in terms of physical 3DR Solo without gimbal camera has a weight of 1.5 kg. Ability 5200 mAh battery powered darted around 80 km / h, and its power will be exhausted after flying about 20 minutes. For the controller itself can operate about 4 hours with a smaller battery power 2,600 mAh.

Solo drones not only offers full control of the camera. Seeing solo is a drone that adopts Open Source, then surely all who wish to develop their ability is able.

As is the case with FC quadcopter (flight controller) that can be tailored to the needs, in other words, hardware and other software can be juxtaposed.

This design is thanks to the idea of the technology magazine Wired reporter Anderson and Jordi Munoz engineers. They met at DIY Drones community that discusses many models quadcopter with open source software.

Well is still confused by the five examples Best Quadcopter for GoPro that mentioned above. We see it is feasible that we review with a look at the number of observations that we encountered.

  • May 5, 2018
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