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A headlamp is a type of light that is worn around the head. A battery operated light is attached to an adjustable strap that keeps the light in place. These lamps are often water resistant and include lights of different colors in order to accommodate a number of working conditions. The lamp is often mounted on a tiltable base so that light can be directed where it is needed. Headlamps are often used by people who enjoy hobbies or professions that require them to have both hands free.Best HeadLamp

Looking For The Best LED Headlamps?

Headlamps with highly efficient and powerful LED lights are better than their non-LED light counterparts. LED lights for headlamps greatly illuminate the path ahead which provides safety for both you and oncoming people and cars. These headlamps reviewed below are all highly reliable, waterproof, and come with LED lights with multiple settings making them useful for running, hiking, camping and even reading at night.

GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp (Editor Choice)

GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries
Our Top Pick: This unique headlamp by GRDE has a super bright LED light with a maximum of 1800 lumens. It also comes with two rechargeable batteries and a number of charging options including wall and car chargers. The headlamp itself is zoomable, a feature not seen in many other headlamps. You can also use this headlamp as a handsfree lamp for your desk and it even has an adjustment strap that can be used on your waist. The three settings for this device are high, low, and a safety strobe feature. View prices and more details here…

Vitchelo LED Headlamp

Vitchelo LED Headlamp
Also Great: This subtle and functional headlamp by Vitchelo comes in a variety of colours and is also waterproof, battery powered, and has a strong enough LED light to illuminate a path of up to 110 meters. It has both a red LED light and white LED light with a battery lifespan of 120 hours. This no frills headlamp only has a very soft and comfortable headband and a LED lamp with only two settings. If you are looking for something simple to bring along on your runs or for hikes, this is your best bet. View prices and more details here…

Lighting EVER LED Headlamp LE Headlamp LED, 4 Modes Headlight, Battery Powered Helmet Light for Camping

Also Great: This headlamp features several settings for any type of activity you can think of that will need a headlamp. These features include 2, 10, and 18 white LED lights as well as 2 red LED lights. The red light has a flashing feature for safety. The soft headband also has an adjustable, over the head strap for a secure fit. This versatile product runs on AAA batteries, and for the price, might be the best headlamp you can find out there. View prices and more details here…

LED lights were first discovered and developed in the 1950s and its superiority to incandescent lights and other types of lights is vast.
LED lights emit a higher power lumen per watt than other light sources and as a result, you can have a brighter light with a smaller size bulb.
LED lights also have the capability of dimming easier than other light sources and does not emit nearly any heat at all, making them safer.

Best Headlamps for Backpacking

If you are planning on a long backpacking trip, you will have to pack as wisely because by definition, everything you will need on your excursion will have to fit nicely and comfortably in your backpack. Backpacking through countries and the wilderness inside these countries can be incredibly fun and liberating but you also need to plan ahead and pack accordingly to ensure your safety. A light source is one of the top things you will need out there and a reliable, hands free headlamp should be one of your most trusted items in your backpack.


Luxolite CREE LED Headlamp

Super Bright Headlight for Camping Hiking Running Fishing Hunting Walking Reading
Also Great: This headlamp with a lifetime warranty has both a white and red LED light with multiple settings including a dimmer switch. This product is highly reliable and made in the United States. It is waterproof and has a very long battery life. The 168 lumen light can light up the distance of over 100 meters and is small and compact enough to store easily in your pack. View prices and more details here…

Aennon LED Headlamp

Aennon LED Headlamp
Also Great: Another headlamp with an over the head strap for added convenience, this product is also battery powered which is great for use in the wilderness so long as you have spare batteries. This lightweight product has a 90 degree tilt function along with a subtle red LED light for reading. The batteries will last up to 16 hours and the LED lights have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. View prices and more details here…

Yalumi LED Headlamp

Yalumi LED Headlamp
Also Great: This simple yet functional headlamp doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles but does come with one high powered 105 lumen LED light. The narrow light has an incredibly long lifespan of 187 hours per battery and weighs only .17 pounds. If space is at a premium in your backpack, this beautifully simple headlamp is perfect for you. View prices and more details here…

All of the headlamps listed here can double as a great headlamp for running, reading, hiking, or camping but these headlamps in particular are perfect for backpacking because they are comfortable, lightweight, and have a long battery life. Backpacking has become a somewhat rite of passage for people of a certain age and peer group and you must pack certain essentials. Any one of these headlamps along with a steady supply of batteries can ensure you safety in the form of a bright, hands free headlamp.

Foxelli Rechargeable Headlamp

Foxelli Rechargeable Headlamp
Also Great: This simple and easy to use headlamp can fully recharge its batteries in two hours and once charged, can be used for up to 100 hours. This small and lightweight headlamp is perfect to bring along on that camping trip and the 280 lumens is plenty to light up your campsite or hiking trail. Even though it is small and has only one LED light, it is incredibly strong and also waterproof making it one of the most ideal and important items that you bring on your next excursion. View prices and more details here…

Looking For The Best Hunting Headlamps?

Depending on the conditions in which you will be hunting, a light source will be necessary. If you are hunting before dawn or during the night, a handsfree, comfortable, and reliable headlamp can be all the difference in the world. A good headlamp for hunting will have several light modes, long lasting battery life for long trips, and have a comfortable strap that won’t way you down or bother you for the countless hours you plan on being out in the wilderness. The headlamps listed here are all viable options for hunting and are a must bring for your next hunting trip.

Odear Lie Wang HeadlampOdear Lie Wang Headlamp

Our top pick: This ultra bright headlamp can provide light up to 800 meters making it vastly more powerful than just about any headlamp on the market. This headlamp uses rechargeable lithium batteries with an overall lifespan of 100,000 hours and up to 20 hours of light in between charges. The large size bulb looks like a powerful flood light and is perfect for this pitch black nights whether it be for patrolling, hiking, fishing, or hunting. View prices and more details here…

BYB Super Bright LED Headlamp

Also great: This handmade affordable headlamp by BYB is lightweight but effective. It has white and red LED lights that give this headlamp four light settings including a high and low white light setting and a strobe and full power red light setting. Perfect for the outdoors with an incredible IPAX4 rating making it reliable in very wet weather. The headband itself is made of polyester fabric and won’t stretch out during the lifetime of the product. View prices and more details here…

Streamlight 61070 Buckmasters Camo Trident HeadlampStreamlight 61070 BuckMasters Trident Headlamp

Also great: This headlamp has three different lighting levels and has both green and white LED lights. It has a lengthy battery life of 63 hours of use before recharging and has a comfortable over the top strap for extended use. The headlamp has a tilt feature extending the range of light. The green light, which you don’t usually find in headlamps, is great for walking around at night without damaging or flooding your eyesight. View prices and more details here…


Types of Headlamps Available:

Floodlight Headlamp: A floodlight headlamp is a type of lamp that provides a wide beam of light. These lamps are good for lighting up the immediate area, making them useful for completing household tasks. However, they do not throw light far enough ahead to make them ideal for hiking or running.

LED Lamps: LED lamps provide more versatility in the light they can provide. These lamps may be able to switch back and forth from a wide flood-like beam of light to a more concentrated beam that allows the wearer to see farther.

Two Strap Lamps: Most headlamps are mounted on a single adjustable strap that holds the lamp in place. However, there are lamps available that have an additional strap that comes down over the head. This adds to the stability of the light, although some people may not find them as comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing to Buy a Headlamp

Maximum Brightness: A key component of any headlamp is its ability to shine brightly. If you are working in dark areas or exploring caves, having a bright light is a necessity. However, a brighter lamp might mean a more expensive lamp. Therefore, take time to consider the activity you’ll be using it for. If you want it for reading in bed, a high powered lamp isn’t the way to go.

Control Over Brightness: Many lamp models have built-in brightness settings that allow you to choose between maximum and minimum brightness. The more settings that are built in the more control you’ll have over the amount of light you’re given.

Number and Type of Straps: Depending on your preferences, you might like the added stability that a two-strap lamp gives you, or you may not want the extra strap. You’ll also find that some straps are easier to adjust than others.

Colored Lights: Many lamps come with additional lights or filters that change the color of the light the lamp throws. Having a red light, for example, will make it easy for you to see in the dark without interfering with your night vision.

Type of Battery: Most lamps run on common AA or AAA batteries, but this isn’t the case with all of them. Be aware of what type of battery you’ll need to have on hand before your make your purchase.

Position of Battery: Some lamps store their batteries at the front of the device (behind the light), while others store them at the back of the head. Depending on your preferences you might like having the batteries in either position.

Comfort: Lamps are usually designed to be comfortable to wear, but not all lamps are created equal. While you can always cushion an uncomfortable lamp with a hat or visor, trying out lamps beforehand or listening to recommendations is usually wise in order to find out how easy each one is to wear.

Additional Features: Additional features like low battery indicators or a mode-memory function are appealing to some buyers. If you like the thought of these extra features then be sure to look for them in your lamp.

Popular Headlamp Brands and Models:

Petzl: Petzl offers a range of good quality headlamps. Their lamps tend to be small and comfortable and offer a range of features that make them useful for outdoor pursuits. Because of their small size and light weight, these lamps are great for runners and hikers. Price-wise these lamps tend to be a little more expensive than the norm, but the quality they offer makes the price worth it.

Energizer: For budget-minded buyers, Energizer has a range of less expensive (and less rugged) headlamps. These lights aren’t the brightest out there, but they’re well suited for use at home or on the job. Great for reading lamps or for seeing into small, dark areas (under the sink, for example), these lamps are best for around the house.

Princeton Tec: If you want quality, Princeton Tec is the way to go. This brand is regarded as one of the best to go with for hobbies like hiking and cave exploring. Their lamps are really top of the line, putting out a high amount of light while making economic use of batteries. They’re rugged and dependable, making them a top choice for people who depend in on their lights for work or play. Again, this quality will mean you have to pay a little more, but for many people the additional expense is worth it.

Whether you’re looking for something for work or play, having a headlamp on hand will allow you to see while keeping your hands free. With a wide range of strengths and features available, it isn’t difficult to find a lamp that matches the situation that you’re in.

  • Updated May 20, 2018
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