Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Men Reviews-Buyer Guide

Time for you and the family to hit the trails, or maybe you just want to take in some fresh air going on a nice nature hike. We all have certain preferences in our foot wear, and sometimes finding the right hiking boot can be difficult. If you’re going to be making a 6 hour hike, you want to be sure by the end of it, your feet (and hopefully your body) are in the same condition when you return. Blisters, calluses, or even a fall can all be prevented with the proper hiking boot.

Below you will find our interactive guide of the best hiking boots which will provide you the proper analysis to help you choose which boot is best for you. We know how many options there are for hiking boots, which is why we wanted to list the BEST of the best.

The boots included on this chart are just a small chunk of what is available around the world. With new different boots being made each day from different manufactures around the world it is nearly impossible to have them all listed. Luckily, the best hiking boots that are compiled above are for any budget from various quality brands.

All of the boots listed on this site have above the ankle protection. This will provide protection against injury due to twisting or rolling of the ankle.

Why do I even need a Hiking Boot?

Being a guy, I can honestly say most of us are stubborn. You might say to yourself, “I have these old pair of boots, these will be just fine.” You might be right. Until that one day where you find yourself in treacherous conditions and your footing needs every tread on your boot to make the decent. Or even the more common situation of stepping in wet soil and wearing just sneakers. End result: soaking wet soaks and a squishy walk back to the car. Why take the chance with shabby old shoes, when you can hook up your feet with the best hiking boots around. Not to mention, your feet will be thanking you for thinking about them.

OK, so how do I choose the right Hiking Boot for me?

This all depends on if your trekking through deep snow, making a weekend adventure, or just a stroll by the local forest. If you are looking for day hikes or even weekend back packing trips, a mid- or high-cut hiking boot should do the trick. Especially if you are carrying loads more than 5 pounds on your back, you’ll want to have the support of these types of boots. For those longer hikes, you’ll want to invest in the hardcore backpacking boots which provide you the durability and support needed to carry larger loads for the longer travel.

How to Choose Hiking Boots

You’ve picked the date, which trail you want to tackle, and who you are going with. Back pack loaded up, walking stick in hand; you look down and notice your dungy old sneakers on your feet. We are going to want to upgrade. With so many options for hiking boots, it can feel overwhelming. You don’t want to get the top of the line boot for just a nature walk. On the other hand, buying non water resistant boots seems irresponsible if you’re crossing some small streams. Like Goldie Locks, let’s choose a hiking boot that is “Jussttttt Right”.

Light Hiking Shoes:

Looking for comfort and most of the same protection? No need to get the bulky boots, you can pick up a pair of light hiking shoes. These aren’t even classified as boots, since they are low cut and almost look just like a normal shoe. Long journeys will be a cinch (if you are carrying a light load) with these type of shoes. Just be aware, you will not have the same stability if you had a normal boot. Light hiking shoes are not suitable for challenging hikes and rugged terrain.

Hiking Boots:

The hiking boot offers more protection than the light hiking shoe. With mid and high cut options, these boots give more support for the ankles and added protection. Added loads on your back make these ideal for increased stability on the rougher terrain. If your hike has steep terrain or if you’re carrying a heavier load, I suggest looking into a high cut boot that is usually found in the backpacking boots section.

Backpacking Boots:

For those long journeys over just about any terrain, backpacking boots are your boot of choice. Being highly durable and offering maximum support, there is a down side. These boots usually take longer to break in.

Types of Boot Cut

Low Cut: A well-traveled trail will usually not have too much debris. If this is the case, wearing low cut, will not be a problem, considering protection for our ankles will not be needed. Also, loads less than 5 pounds will not need the extra stability you would find in the higher cut options.

Mid Cut: With added ankle protection, this will allow you to move through debris easily. You High-Mid Cut may carry a moderate load on your back with this type of cut. These are great for 3-4 day trips on trails that aren’t as well maintained.

High Cut: Tough terrain and heavy loads make this cut ideal for your boot. It may take a while to break them in, but with the added support and protection, it’s well worth it for those long travels.

Boot Materials

Nubuck Leather: durable leather that has been buffed to have the same type of look as suede. Nubuck leather has the ability to resist water and scuffs. Although being pretty flexible, still allow time to break in these types of boots.

Split Grain Leather: By splitting away the rougher inner part of the cowhide from the smoother exterior, you find yourself with cheaper leather. This process sacrifices resistance to both water and abrasion. Split grain leather is usually putting together with nylon or nylon mesh to give the boot more comfort. Usually a boot with split grain leather needs to have a waterproof liner with it.

Full Grain Leather: Highly Resistant to abrasion and water. Durability is great, which makes these types of boots great for longer trips, rough terrain, or carrying a heavy load. Down side is the boot is heavier and not very breathable.

Synthetics: This category is constructed of mostly polyester, nylon and “synthetic leather.” These are nice and cheap, and you are getting exactly what you pay for. Buying these types of boots may have you wanting a new pair after a few hikes considering they wear out very quickly.

Being Waterproof

Having your boots water resistant is a big deal. Wet boots make for a tougher travel, and we don’t want socks soaked in water.

Waterproof Linings: The outside of the boot is made up of a different material than these linings. When the nylon or split grain leather doesn’t do its job, these waterproof linings (i.e. Gore-Tex) are the back up.

Waterproof Leather: A properly constructed boot made of full grained leather will be treated topically to resist moisture. Make sure to check the seams for loose threads or missing stitches, for this will defeat the purpose of becoming waterproof.

Waterproof Construction: Is the boot seam-sealed or has specialized stitching? These techniques are used to add maximum water resistance.

Putting it all together: Does it fit?

  • Test the boot out with the same socks you would be wearing for your hike
  • Your foot should fit nicely inside the boot. Little bit of wriggle room is ideal. Test this out by flexing your foot forward and wiggling your toes. These motions should not be restricted and be comfortable.
  • The heel of your foot should not slip up. Any type of slippage will cause friction and blisters.
  • Make sure to test different lacing techniques, socks, and insoles to optimize your boot.
  • Break in that boot before you bring it out in the field.
  • Now that you have all this information, time to start looking for which boot fits your needs. Don’t forget to check out the Best Hiking Boots to find the perfect boot for your next hike!

Timberland White Ledge Boot Review

Mostly everybody has heard of the brand name, Timberland. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ll definitely notice their iconic Yellow Boot. Designed nearly 40 year ago, it became the model of all boots to follow. One of these boots is the Timberland White Ledge Boot.

Back in 1918, Nathan Swartz started his career as an apprentice stitcher working in Boston, MA. After many years, Swartz bought half an interest in Abington Shoe Company. By 1969, he had a full interest in the company and began the innovative process which brought us one of the most well-known boots.Timberland White Ledge Boot Review

The Swartz family started the movement of an injection molding technology for footwear. What does all that mean for a boot? The creation of being WATERPROOF! By connecting the soles to the leather uppers without stitching during the production process made this boot practically waterproof.

Come 1973, The Abington Shoe Company was then transformed into The Timberland Company. This became the year of the “Yellow Boot.” With thick rubber lug soles, premium full grain nubuck leather, the yellow boot showed all other boots it meant business! 40 years later it still boasts same great quality! What was meant to be a durable boot for the outdoor worker became a fashion statement among the casual dresser. Go figure!

Timberland has a vast variety of boots to offer. One in particular to get your attention should be Timberland’s White Ledge Boot. You might as well call them the utility boot, for they are ideal for any type of hike.
These boots are constructed from full-grain waterproof leather which makes it ideal if the trails we happen to be slogging through are on the moist side. Having the boot being seam sealed offers you full protection from a passing shower or even a small stream.

We can keep the water out from the outside, but after a few hours the feet start to sweat. Good thing the White Ledge Boot has a breathable footbed that helps to wick away moisture. Air is able to circulate to give those feet a nice cool down and keep them as dry as possible.

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Let’s not forget Timberland’s B.S.F.P. (Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel) system. The rocks become slick due to a passing shower, the B.S.F.P will act as your superman. Timberland’s durable rubber outsole contains lugs that will help you slow down, accelerate, and climb without effort. The flex grooves behind the ball of your foot and the grooves in your toe area react to your foot’s natural walking motion. You won’t have to worry about too much pressure on the top of your foot too, due to the gusset tongue taking on most of this pressure.

These White Ledge Boot’s were easy to break in, well, because there was no break in period! Just slipped my feet right in, and was ready to roll out. They are extremely comfortable for any duration of hike.

Don’t forget to care for your new “Tim’s” Pick up some mink oil and apply it to your new boots. Every so often just reapply. This helps the leather resist cracking and keep them in the same condition as the first day you purchased them.

This boot might not be the Famous Yellow boot, but it surely has the Timberland quality you’d expect. Timberland’s White Ledge Boot will be sure to provide the protection and comfort your looking on your next hike.Buy From Amazon

Adidas Outdoor AX1 Hiking Boot Review

Adidas Outdoor AX1 Hiking Boot ReviewWhen you say “adidas” there is a certain reputation that comes with the name. When it comes to reliable sports shoes and athletic wear in general, it is one of the oldest and most well known brands in the industry. Adidas is known for its manufacturing of sports shoes that support your feet by absorbing a large part of the shock that could injure them, and it helps that their products have been tested for years on both amateurs and professionals, and have ranked high in sports lovers preferences.

The company’s history is full of bumps and progress, with the idea originating in a Bavarian town in Germany at the hands of Adolf “Adi” Dassler “Das,” who named it after himself and started to produce his first sports shoes in his mother’s kitchen, founding his company in 1949. In the 60s, adidas manufactured equipment for unconventional sports. Later, under new management, adidas became a company based on marketing as opposed to one based on manufacturing and sales, which propelled them into the future by securing a brand that spoke to a specific niche, while delivering top quality products.

One of the products the products they feature is the Adidas Outdoor AX1 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot, a mountain sports shoe that is built to be light and comfortable, while allowing excellent grip on all types of terrain.
Toes and heels will be under supreme protection, as they boast protective caps, which ensure longer wear. From trendy design to every condition practicality, it’s easy to see why any hiker would love them.

The shoe itself is light for its model (only about 14 ounces for a size 9 shoe), with nubuck leather upper that allows comfort for all-day trips and outdoor activities, and a molded EVA sockliner. We all have unique shaped feet, and adidas does its best to provide better comfort for any foot (besides the wood foot). Another added feature is the speed grip outsole, which ensures the best grip in any type of agility-inspired events, say, running from a bear?

Most mountain boots prove to be large, heavy, and thus uncomfortable, especially after a day of hiking or trekking. That’s definitely not something you’d want to experience when your focus is on enjoying your surroundings, but it happens so often that these boots are truly a breath of fresh air for your feet. Their light weight gives you the feeling of walking shoes with added ankle support.

Their grip is as marketed – easily worn for hiking on snow/slush, as they are also waterproof. With Gore-Tex technology infused in the boot you can be sure not to have any water leaking in on your next journey. In addition, they’re very flexible, which adds comfort over any type of terrain.
If you are born with a wider foot, you are out of luck for finding the adidas AX1 to fit you. It is the only down side to this boot. Be fore warned, don’t squeeze into these, or you will have yourself a very uncomfortable trek.

You might think that of adidas only a shoe maker, but that is not the case for this boot. On the whole, the adidas AX1 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot is one mighty fine product by adidas, which delivers on its promises: comfort, support, and a great design.Buy From Amazon

What is Gore-Tex?

If you have been doing your research on the boots materials, you might find yourself wondering what is Gore-Tex? Short answer: a waterproof/breathable fabric. Now it’s time to get nerdy with me.
Back in 1969, expanded polytetraflouretheylene (ePTFE) was invented by Bob Gore. ePTFE is a sythentic flouropolymer of tetraflourenteye. You will find that some frying pans are coated with a variation of this polymer (Teflon). Soon after its introduction, Gore-Tex was trademarked and ready to be released to the public. This nifty little invention earned Robert Gore a seat in the Hall of Fame; that is the U.S. Nation Inventors Hall of Fame, back in 2006.

With the use of fluoropolymer products, Gore-Tex materials are created by thermo-mechanically expanding the PTFE. By doing this process, fabric and our case, boots, become incredibly resistant to water. While Gore-Tex is fantastic to prevent water from entering our boots, it still allows for comfort and much needed protection.

The construction of the Gore-Tex infused boot is relatively simple. On your top layer, you will have either leather, or another type of synthetic material. Directly underneath our top layer will be the Gore-Tex membrane. Beneath the Gore-Tex membrane will be the inner lining of the boot.

Before hitting the store shelves, Gore-Tex’s boots undergo a walking test to see how waterproof a boot is. The boots are loaded onto flexible foot forms equipped with moisture sensors. Each boot is then “walked” 200,000 steps in a water bath. Talk about being thorough! If any water is found in the boot, back to the drawing board. Gore-Tex even tests the top lining of the boot to make sure that it doesn’t wick any water. Both the leather and foam used on the hiking boots have also been tested to ensure the max waterproof protection.

You might be asking yourself, “All these layers must make your boot a furnace!” Not the case. It might not let any liquids in, but Gore-Tex technology will vent out most of the heat being generated inside.

Gore-Tex has done the homework and rigorous testing so you don’t have too! Your next boot purchase can be no sweat if you’re looking for MAX waterproof protection. Just look for the Gore-Tex tag on that certain boot, (or even outdoor clothing) and you can buy with the confidence knowing that your feet will be dry and comfortable on the trails.

Our Favorite Gore-Tex Boot

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review

Salomon Quest 4D GTX ReviewMercedes makes a prestigious luxury vehicle. Salomon constructs prominent hiking gear. This is no different when you invest in these beauties. The Salomon Quest 4D GTX sets the pace for all other boots. Taking notes guys?

Across the Pond in Annecy, France, François Salomon and his wife decided to start their own business. This became the birth of the Salomon Group. What started out as skiing equipment company, turned into a full-fledged outdoor gear enterprise. If you’re a skier you can thank Roger Pitiot and the Salmon Group for designing the sliding forward flex control. In fact, a lot of the first modern ski equipment was designed by Francois and his son George.

They didn’t stop with their skiing equipment. You can tell a lot of effort went into making the Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot. This thing is fully loaded!
Specifically designed for stability, protection, and being lightweight, the Salomon Quest 4D GTX achieves all of these.

With their patented Non Marking Contagrip, loosing grip on any type of surface will not cross your mind. Salomon uses just the right amount of rubber to make it ideal for any type of surface. Rocks and dewy leaves didn’t stand a chance when I made my way through a trail in my local neighborhood.

Rivers, streams, and puddles are no problem for these boots. Waterproof Nubuck Leather and Gore-Tex Performance gives this boot all the protection it needs from the h2o.

Last thing you want is to have boots that just add more difficulty to your hike. The Quest’s will not do this to you. You won’t even notice these shoes being on your feet! Although you might notice a few squeaks out of the boots in the beginning. Just have to tighten up the laces a bit and that should quiet the dogs from barking.

If you’re going for a long hike (over 20 miles) you can be sure to have no blisters at the end of it. These are great for smaller carrying loads. The high top provides the ankle support all of us are looking for. Both he front and rear of the boot have a protective rubber cap.
Overall the Salomon Quest 4D GTX has all the main features that we are looking for! Dropping a couple bills on these will be one of the best investments you could make for your next adventure. Pick these up and you’ll have no complaints on the trails.Buy From Amazon

Keen Gypsum Mid Review

Keen Gypsum Mid ReviewOnly 10 years into the game, Keen is certainly making an impression. After our Keen Gypsum Mid Review, you’ll know you want this new comer to be on your feet!

The world was introduced to Keen at a winter tradeshow in 2003, where they presented a sandal design that offered toe-protection and inspired very different opinions. There were those who were visionaries who could see them evolving into a strong brand or those considered Keen’s sandal “the ugliest thing” ever. Nevertheless, Keen became dedicated to create hybrid designs that would cater to customer’s best needs.

After developing the brand and customer loyalty, Keen invested their advertising budget to help with disaster relief after a tsunami hit Asia in 2004. By rolling up their sleeves and creating Hybrid Care, they created a program that helped save many lives. Since then, the company has partnered with many non-profit organizations to help communities in need and provide better care to the world. With such strong integrity, it’s no wonder that their brand is becoming ever more successful after only 10 years of existence.

Among their products, the Keen Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot is very popular for its light weight, flexibility, durability, and comfy fit. These boots are perfect for any outdoor guy. For the adventurous folk, the Gypsum features a range of various safety and waterproofing precautions.
You can expect to keep out most moisture thanks to waterproof nubuck leather upper. They also have a Dri-Lex collar, which guards against unpleasant odor by wicking away moisture, and also water vapor. The Keen Dry membrane offers additional breathable protection against water. If you are planning to cross streams, take on swamps or rainy days, these boots are perfect for you.

They’re also good for hiking on uneven terrain, as they provide great traction and increased support. Boasting an EVA midsole and a removable Keen Metatomical EVA footbed, these boots fit the shape of your foot perfectly. The added Keen Zorb Strobel will cushion your foot, making the rocks your maneuvering around seem like marshmallows.

For those extremely long hikes or multi day journey’s, the Gypsum’s anti-fatigue elements will drastically improve your comfort, and also prevent injury. The TPU torsional-stability shank keeps your foot stable as you move, while the S3 heel (Shock, Suspension and Stability) will support your foot on impact for rougher terrain. Slopes are not an issue for the Gypsum’s. They provide you stability on different types of terrain because of their multi-directional lugs on the outsole. The lugs embed themselves into the terrain, providing better traction no matter the ground conditions. Nothing is worse than jamming your toe mid hike. Worry no more! The patented toe protection helps to protect your foot fingers from rocky objects and debris by covering your entire toe bed.

The Keen Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is a great model for all kinds of activities! From working on an outdoor project to winter ascents, this boot is up for the task.Buy From Amazon

Timberland 6″ Premium Boot Review

Classic boots seem to always stay in fashion, as is the case for the Timberland 6″ Premium Boot. Timberland doesn’t seem to fade with age. By appealing to a larger number of tastes, they only increase their popularity. In fact, sales tripled when rappers first started endorsing Timberland.
Before being Timberland, the company was named Abington Shoe Company, when Nathan Swartz bought all interest and, alongside his sons, invested in modern technology to revolutionize the shoe manufacturing industry. They first introduced injection-molding in this industry, and this technology was used to fuse soles to leather uppers. This allowed waterproof footwear to be manufactured. Thank you Mr. Swartz!

It’s a funny fact that the first Timberland waterproof boots were tested in a toilet, being left overnight in a factory toilet to assess just how waterproof they really were. They had the first boot commercials on TV. The company is pretty serious about their work, which also impresses their customers.

On 9/11 they delivered Premium Waterproof boots to Ground Zero for the rescuers because their shoes were melting beneath them! Since starting out in 1952, their widely known products have a way of making a loyal fan out of wearers. Integrity and reliability might have something to do with that.

The 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot is the original Timberland boot. It is an improved version compared to the original one, forty years ago, but the added features do nothing but make the wear easier and more comfortable. Now the boots boast full-grain and nubuck leather, which helps both with comfort and durability. Anti-fatigue technology is introduced to help out for those long days on your feet. Trademark elements that absorb shock and prevent injury to your feet are some more other additions.

The use of Taslan fibers give them more durability, as does the rubber lug outsole. The boots last for decades if proper care is shown, and they are extremely dependable on rainy or stormy days. If they lasted in the tough conditions of 9/11 Ground Zero, where other types of boots melted, they are sure to be reliable in just about any circumstance. You can cross streams with them, endure massive storms, and hike all day long without getting uncomfortable, soggy feet.

Timberland offers an assortment of different colors you can choose for this boot. Colors ranging from dark brown to the classic yellow, make this boot suitable for even the pickiest boot chooser.

The seam-sealing technology Swartz family created is still applied today. The seam sealing process attaches the leather upper directly to the sole of the boot, preventing water from entering. You’ll be able to face the conditions of the wild much better, as they are fit for uneven terrains. The high collar around the ankle will keep out debris you might find on your hike.

The only disadvantage of the classic boot, is that for a select few, the size seems too large compared to other products of the brand.

But despite that, if you are looking for long-lasting boots that will be faithful to you while never looking out of fashion, the 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot are a wonderful addition to your closet. Oh, and I guess they are good for hiking too!

Columbia Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot Review

Columbia Sportswear Men's Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather BootCold weather? Long hike? The Columbia Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot just might be the perfect solution for you.

It’s not common knowledge that Columbia Sportswear began as a small, family-owned hat distributor. The original owners, who were the parents of present chairwoman, fled Nazi Germany and bought what they named the Columbia Hat Company.
In 1960 it became Columbia Sportswear. Upon frustrations over suppliers, the family decided to manufacture their own products. Columbia Sportswear jackets were made of a waterproof fabric that was breathable, making them very useful and appealing to customers. The increasing number of features added to their products, gained them a large audience and increased sales exponentially. In 1985, the Sportswear line was introduced. Five years later Columbia Sportswear released its first national television ad, Car Wash, which changed the marketing game of the company completely.

Three years later, the footwear line was developed. This vision gave a profitable and productive future for the company. After that, additional features colored the company’s history. Columbia’s milestones paved the wave to success. As if to prove this last statement, in 2010 Forbes named Columbia Sportswear one of the top 100 most trustworthy.

With such a great company history and policy, it’s no wonder they build customer loyalty and maintained it throughout years of hard work. Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot is one of the company’s older products, catering especially to hikers, trekkers, and people with a high level of activity in the cold. It’s now back after first being launched in 1993, and now boasts the additional Columbia’s exclusive Omni-Heat insulation and thermal reflective technologies. This unique technology reflects your body heat back into the boot, keeping your feet warmer than with normal boots.
If you are thinking about braving the elements, especially in a more challenging season, like autumn or winter, these boots are the one for you. Extremely affordable, their high profile will support your ankle and prevent injury possible on uneven terrains, so you can enjoy that hike blissfully, despite challenging trails! The non-slip rubber sole and rubber-wrapped toe will keep your foot in place and keeps you on your guard to face anything thrown your way.

One of their best benefits is the fact that they are lightweight, which makes the wear considerably more comfortable. The new Techlite shell is very lightweight – compared to older versions. This baby is almost two times lighter! The waterproof leather also improves protection and comfort. Another neat feature, the TPU-coated leather, guarantees abrasion resistance. And depending on the type of terrain, you will have great traction even in horribly cold conditions thanks to a dual compound lug pattern found on the rubber outsole. It’s great for trekking or crossing streams or even more adventurous ventures, like snowmobiling and hunting. If it’s good for Siberians, at -30 degrees Celsius, then it’s certainly good for you.

The only con is its rare, poor craftsmanship on the occasional boot. This can be easily improved with better inspections.

Overall, the Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot will keep you warm, dry, and satisfied.Buy From Amazon

Merrell Moab Ventilator Review

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking BootIn 1981, Randy Merrell’s customers considered his boots “the best ever made.” They were arguably “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America.” He was rapidly gaining loyal followers. Through word-of-mouth, Merrell’s boots became more popular year by year. Merrell decided to do more research for women’s footwear. They decided to cover the more unique foot profiles, bone structures and strides. With this extra attention to detail, Merrerl won numerous awards, including Backpacker Magazine’s Best Hiker, with the title of the best in the world.
After going global, the company released Front Range, a lightweight cross-training product that provided stability and durability. A step that propelled the company further and increased customer loyalty in the brand, was the release of Merrell Kids. In 2004 Robin Benincasa founded Team Merrell. And Merrell are not only committed to making better footwear, but also raise awareness of challenges that American National Parks face through the partnership with National Parks Foundation.

Merrell Moab Ventilator is great for hiking, biking, or trekking. With the support and traction that you need for a hiking boot, it will also ensure extra ventilation. The Moab Ventilator offers a little unique element of having air easily circulated in the boot. Another feature to ensure breath-ability is represented by the uppers, which are mid-height, and made of Dura leather. For better support and protection, you get rubber toe bumpers and heel counters, so your fit is not too tight and not too loose – just perfect around the contours of your feet. The Vibram Multi-Sport Plus sole is just another addition that protects your feet better, by providing extra traction. Hiking is an easy on the feet when wearing the Moab Ventilator.

If you are accustomed to hiking or trekking in your favorite boots, but want something more lightweight for a change, consider these shoes instead of regular running shoes. With these boots you’ll get protection from pebbles and sticks that could enter your footwear and cause discomfort and a hindrance in your planned activities. You can try them while backpacking and they’re also great on turf, rock, and dirt. A great advantage of this boot is how easily they stick on slates. This allows you to ascend or descend with much more ease and are able to control your movements better.
The only disadvantage Ventilator is not suitable to cross a stream, run through the rain, or snow. For dry, hot conditions, this boot will provide the ventilation for your feet. It is recommended that you do not choose them for activities when you need truly waterproof footwear.

Overall though, the Ventilator has managed to be on par with the company’s reputation, helping loyal customers experience wonderful days of comfort, stability, and support in a long-lasting fashion.

Buy From AmazonNew Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot by Dunham

New Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot by Dunham
New Balance began over a century ago, when a waiter’s design of arch supports gained popularity among people who spent all day working on their feet. This new design brought comfort more than anything else back then. Less than two decades, New Balance began designing running shoes. and two more decades later had New Balance design custom shoes for various sports. One of the New Balance trademark innovations was the Trackster. Popular college track teams (MIT, Boston University, Tufts University) chose the Trackster for their cross-country teams.
This gave birth to an entire legion of high schools making the same move. Released in 1960, this shoe was the first ever available in multiple widths, which is now a standard New Balance feature. Most of New Balance marketing strategies was provided by word of mouth. Word spread through sports enthusiasts and at local sports fairs.

The boots boast waterproof leather uppers with robust seams, which provide good water protection. Perfect for rainy weather, you can take them with on your next hiking trip and not haveto worry about wet trails. They also feature several unique elements that provide this model with comfort, great traction, and durability.

The Dunham Cloud Mid Cut Boot’s ROLLBAR with lateral and medial TPU posts, give comfort on all types of terrain – even uneven ones. You no longer have to pay excessive attention to your footing. Just don’t get too crazy out there on the mountain! The added Tectonic Tongue foam helps distribute pressure evenly on your foot, flexing at 3 main zones, which increases your comfort exponentially! Premium foam also contributes to spreading shock on your feet, preventing injury. This ultimately allows you to feel comfortable in your footwear for longer and enjoy longer activities. And with the multi-directional lug outsole, you get amazing traction, which makes these boots a great acquisition for those who like to hike those steeper terrain.
These boots follow the standard New Balance size offer, which is wide! They go up to 4E. Although the company has recently had problems with the standard on a few particular models of the Dunham line, this model does not have this problem. Finding shoes for wider feet is getting increasingly harder, New Balance’s solution is just right, not too tight for the toes, and not too loose for the heel. For this particular target group, New Balance is spot-on with their product. The combination between comfort, durability, protection and support is a much needed for a hiker, and the Dunham Cloud does all these.

These boots are made to be long-lasting and comfortable. Even in snowy conditions or uneven ground they help you carry on your hobbies or work easily, without a care.

The Cons? Unless your feet are unhumanly wide, you will not find much to complain about the Dunham Cloud. Except, if you’re thinking about crossing streams continuously all day long, you might want to reconsider. While they do keep moisture away, against such ongoing flow of water you will not be fully protected.

Despite that, though, Dunham’s Mid Cut Boot is perfect for an afternoon outdoors. You will never having to worry about sacrificing comfort for durability with these guys.Buy From Amazon

  • June 12, 2018
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