Top 10 Best Japanese Lanterns and Lamps Reviews

Beautiful Japanese Lanterns and Lamps for Your Home

Add a touch of the Orient to your home

Are you a fan of all things Japanese? So am I, especially of traditional Japanese decor. Nothing seems to add a touch of serenity or elegance more to any home than a shoji screen divider, Japanese wall fan, or 19th century art print.

Another decorative item that can go a long way in beautifying your interiors is a Japanese-style lantern or lamp. Using classic motifs that have made Japanese interior decorating so popular, such an item can bring a wonderful sense of ambience to any room.

If you’re currently looking for Japanese lighting, you’re in for a treat. In this lens, I’ll show you some of the most beautiful Japanese lanterns, table lamps, and floor lamps currently available for Japanophiles like you.

ORE International 2029F Home Décor Table and Floor LampORE International 2029 Home Décor Table Lamp

Yet another entry in Japanese-themed lighting ORE International 2029 Home Décor Lamp, which comes in both a floor and table version. Both are cylindrical lamps that have a steel frame and use linen as shade, as opposed to rice paper.

The table version is 8.5″ tall. The floor version is quite tall– 4 feet (48″). If you’d like to see a picture of these in action, below is an Amazon customer’s pictures showing how the table lamps look in his bedroom.Buy From Amazon

Japanese Shoji-Style Table Lantern of the most elegant types of Japanese lantern comes in a “shoji” style. Like the doors and room dividers that also have this look, these lamps consist of “window panes” made of wood and white translucent paper.

A great example is the 18″ Black and White Japanese Lantern [>>]. This attractive lamp, with a frame made of kiln dried Scandinavian spruce, uses pressed rice paper as a screen, resulting in very soft, diffuse lighting, which can be a welcome alternative to the more harsh forms of lighting you would normally get from a typical lamp.

If you’re not keen on black or just want something to match your interiors, there are three more color variations of this item in “honey” (a dark yellow), “natural” (yellow wood), and “rosewood” (rich dark reddish brown).

Note: Assembly required!

Buy From Amazon

Double Cross Japanese Design Electric Shoji Lantern

Double Cross Japanese Design Electric Shoji LanternA variation on the “shoji” theme is the 18″ Double Cross Japanese Design Electric Shoji Lantern series. These are called “double cross” because rather than have a basic grid design, they have a pair of lines that intersect on each side.

This lantern comes with a plain white paper shade. However, if you find it a little too stark, there is the 18″ Bamboo Art Electric Japanese Lantern Table Lamp. This is the exact same style as the double cross. However, it has an additional black and white image of bamboo stamped on each face.

Like the lantern mentioned in the previous section, these both comes in additional colors (natural, honey, rosewood). However, the bamboo image for those colors is stamped in white instead of black.Buy From Amazon

Geisha Art Japanese Design Electric Paper Lantern

Oriental Furniture 18" Samurai Shoji Lamp - BlackIf you love both 19th century Japanese woodcuts and the look of shoji screens, you can get the best of both worlds by getting a lantern with a Japanese print on its shade.

One such table lamp is the Geisha Art Japanese Design Electric Paper Lantern. This 18″ lamp has a print of two geishas on each side [>>].

For those wanting something a bit more masculine, there’s this additional lamp, which has a print of a samurai warrior. Both come in either a black or “natural” wood frame and are perfect for anyone who would like their lamps to be more decorative.Buy From Amazon

Kharbarosk Japanese Paper Table Lamp

Kharbarosk Japanese Paper Table LampSo far, the shoji-style lanterns we’ve been looking at have come in rectangular form. What if you’d like something in a different shape?

In that case, there’s this series of Kharbarosk Japanese Table Lamps. Sporting a cylindrical shape and legs resembling brushwork, this beautiful lantern looks less like a lamp than a kanji symbol in sculptural form!Buy From Amazon



  • Updated December 18, 2018
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