Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Reviews-Buyer Guide

Today, adventure calls in the heart of millions of Americans, young or old. There are more and more people that love to hike from one place to another without problems. It is important to have by your side a professional mountain bike, designed to help you ride faster and easier. Control is essential, and a high quality mountain bike can help you have it by your side each phase of the ride. How to find the best mountain bike? Buying a professional mountain bike can be very hard without consulting a detailed buying guide, drafted by technicians and specialists. Your adventurous side will register a significant boost once you find a great model, from the many available on the market. This particular guide will help you understand better the subtleties of choosing the product. Don’t invest money and time in a product that will disappoint you later on, try specific mountain bikes capable of delivering a heightened experience.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bike Reviews for 2018

 Discovering the exciting world offered by mountain trails, represents a big leap in having fun. Now let’s understand more about the current top rated mountain bikes and see what to look for in your next purchase. It’s your turn to find your own style, thus setting the ideal riding path. There are many bikes, designed for a wide range of riding styles and terrains thus enriching the whole experience. Look deeply within your inner adventurous self, and imagine the riding skill most present when you go out. There are riding skills such as trail riding, cross-country racing, and mountain cruising or simply going on madness hidden agenda. Pick the one suited to your personality and the proper bike will be revealed.

How to Find the Best Mountain Bike?

Information, information and more information! There are bikes with full suspension or hardtail, which gives birth to heightened control during rides, long or short. Thousands of Americans prefer full suspension mountain bikes. Why? Such bikes offer heightened control and comfort during every moment of the ride. Deciding on a bike with full suspension means investing in your riding pleasure! To some extent, buying a mountain bike will leave a big hole in your savings, especially if you don’t have the proper guide.

The current mountain bikes prices fluctuate from season to season. This is the reason you need to be connected to the best deals and pick a product without spending too much money. If you have the right riding skills, you need by your side a professional mountain bike, capable of helping you push the limits. It is important for you to test the mountain bike before purchasing the model because thus you will be able to know better the new acquisition. Your riding skills will register a significant boost once you find a professional mountain bike, designed with durable materials. It is vital to develop a strong connection with your bike, in order to harness the right confidence levels, needed to push forward when the terrain conditions become a challenge.

So, are you ready to ride with greater control and comfort any time you want? Well, of course, your answer is yes since you already read this buying guide. The time has come to set aside any fears about going down the mountain especially when you managed to find a high quality bike.

List of Best Mountain Bike Reviews

GMC Topkick mountain bike

GMC Topkick mountain bikeHighly recommended by thousands of satisfied customers, this bike has got every reason to be on the lists of best mountain bikes reviews. Specially designed for mountain biking, the bike is sturdy enough on its 26” (inch) aluminum frame and comfortable too, due to its innovative design of floating suspension beams. The bike is also perfect for carrying a high amount of weight on its solid frame, as the model itself weighs around 38 pounds. But for tricky mountain rides, nothing can be better than the feature of 21 – speed gearing index. Moreover, braking this great-looking bike will be done according to your needs, as it is equipped with the excellent Pro Max disc brakes.

“I got this bike as a gift from my parents and I can’t stop riding it, because I can’t get enough of that free feeling when it is just me, my bike and nature. The bike is lightweight, but it is sturdy at the same time and everything about it functions like a charm.” Dan RobertsBuy From Amazon

Mongoose Impasse Full Suspension BicycleMongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension bicycle is a state-of-the-art model which will guarantee a high level of comfort and a top performance level. The aluminum suspension frame gives the bike an overall low weight and enhances its durability. This bike’s construction and features will allow you to have full control over it. Element Suspension fork has the role of absorbing the shock caused by going over obstacles and bumps. The front and rear brakes are extremely reliable because they are made of alloy. The bike is also fitted with a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur, so you can easily change its gears.

“Mongoose has created a reliable mountain bike, which has fulfilled all my expectations. I don’t have any complains to make regarding this bike, on the contrary, I recommend it for its excellent suspension system. The best mountain bikes reviews made me aware of this top notch model.” – Randy WalkerBuy From Amazon

Schwinn Protocol mountain bikeSchwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

While opting for mountain rides, people usually look for a bike that can bear the struggle of hard paths, a cycle that will give a bump-free comfy ride and especially a sturdy one to hold the body weight. Summing up all these great features, we have this mountain bike that comes with a strong 26 inch Aluminum frame of Dual Suspension. The others reasons as to why it has got into the best mountain bikes reviews are its excellent shifters, high profile alloy rims for better weather protection, even stoppage ability for the Pro Max disc brakes in the front and the quality handlebars for mountain bikes. With all these features you’ll be surely proud of your newly acquired bike.

“I am very pleased with how this mountain bike feels and runs, since the moment I brought it out of the bike store. The dual suspension was what I was looking for because it is one of the best out there. I ride it as often as I can when I have free time.” Paul MitchellBuy From Amazon

Stowabike Folding mountain bike

Stowabike Folding mountain bikeDubbed as one of the top rated mountain bikes, here is a bike that stands tall in front of its competitors. This handsome-looking rugged bike has some excellent features that include a great 26 inch alloy body frame which is easily foldable, 18-speed options, and an equally dependable steel suspension from Zoom. Able to absorb shock up to 750lbs/in, the bike renders an absolutely smooth ride. With the comfortable hand grip and seat, you won’t feel awkward while you are tackling difficult mountain roads. The folding feature is truly innovative, making it easy to store it wherever you see fit.

“I loved the innovative frame design of the Stowabike Folding mountain bike and I just had to have it for myself. Also, I love its suspension system which absorbs most of the shock of any bump in the road. I recommend it as a very modern and solid mountain bike.” Ritchie Hall

Buy From Amazon

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior boy’s mountain bike

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior boy’s mountain bikeWho doesn’t like to pedal on mountain trails from time to time? The growing interest for advanced bikes comes as no surprise to thousands of men and women. According to the present top rated mountain bikes reviews, it seems you can use with confidence Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior boy’s, a model very popular in the US and Canada. This advanced bike comes equipped with a heavy duty steel frame that resists well to anything that the terrain throws at you. It features a 30 mm travel suspension fork for heightened stability and comfort while you pedal, harder and harder.

“Ever since I started to use Cobra, things became a lot easier even during dirt paths. This mountain bike from Diamondback should be a source of fun for more kids like me. Every kid should get a present like this from their parents.” – Trevor Louis

Diamondback Overdrive mountain bike

Words will fall short to describe the amazing features of this bike which is admired by the best Diamondback mountain bikes reviews. The Overdrive is structured with an airplane grade Titanium frame that has been processed in such an innovative manner to enhance its metal strength. The bike is just perfect for the everyday commute to a real sporty and adventurous ride on single-track trails or dirt roads. Besides to make your ride even smoother Diamondback has packed this bike with an incredible twenty-four different set of gear combinations. On top of that riding, the bike will be the breeze like as it also has a great suspension fork for a bump-free ride and better mechanical disc brakes for an even stop.

“The Diamondback Overdrive was my choice for a reliable mountain bike. Every day I take it on dirt roads and I feel very secure knowing that I ride such a top notch model. The brakes and the suspension make all the difference. This is not your regular mountain bike, this is a truly advanced model.” Stan Cooper. Buy From Amazon

Mountain Biking Safety Tips

There are several ways of improving safety of mountain bikes. However, some people might argue that the only way of improving safety is by wearing a helmet. But there is another important step that most people ignore, it is riding in control. Riding in control is one of the best ways of preventing crashes, accidents. When you run out of control, you lose the chance of adjusting the speed on mountains and terrains. This often leads to serious accidents and crashes.
Mountain biking is an interesting sports and most often people like to push their limits. However, there is a very fine line between pushing your limits safely and pushing the limits recklessly. To make things easier and the ride interesting, here is some of the mountain biking safety tips.

Always wear helmet while riding

The first and the most important safety tip is to wear helmet while riding mountain bikes. Simply wearing a helmet will prevent brain injuries and other life threatening injuries. In simple words, you must do everything possible to prevent head trauma injuries while mountain biking. Above all, try to select a well fitted and a well designed mountain biking helmet.

Ride in control

There is no doubt that mountain biking is a very dangerous sport that leads to fatal injuries and more. In fact, no matter how well you ride and how better you know the trail, you should never go beyond the skill level and in control. However, riding in control does not mean that you can stop easily, it means having the skill to stop and avoid potential dangerous on the terrain which is another essential mountain biking skill.

Maintain proper speed

Mountain biking is a very exciting sport, but it is important to ride in proper speed. In fact, speed is another attraction of mountain biking and when you are riding at 15 mph, you are moving about 22 feet a second and lot of things can happen in this 22 feet. So, when you push your skill, make sure you are well aware of your riding skill and the terrain conditions.

Correct riding gears

Even though helmet is an important part of mountain biking, there are some other gears that you need to wear to keep your body safe. These gears mainly depends on where you ride and your riding type. Some of the common mountain biking gears include body armors in the form of arm pads, leg, knee and elbow pads. These gears are aimed to protect the body from severe accidents and injuries. Interestingly, wearing these gears is crucial since these can draw the line between a bruise and a bone fracture.

Ride within your skill level

When it comes to choosing the trail that is beyond your skill level, never listen to your friends. No matter what your friends say, get off the trail and walk. Remember there is nothing like being ashamed when it comes to your safety. The more trail section you walk, the better will be your skill recognition. This way you will walk fewer trail sections over the time.

Slow down for blind corner

When you are mountain biking, always be aware of blind corners. There are numerous accidents that take place due to the blind corners. It is better to slow down till you cross it. After all, it is known as the blind corner for a definite reason.

With that, these are some of the easy to follow mountain biking safety tips that every rider must be aware of.

Exploring The Different Types Of Mountain Bikes

Riding is a way of life to many. If you are a newbie in this field or even a guru, you may experience challenges in selecting the right mountain bike for the kind of terrain you want to ride through. Note that not every bike is designed for biking down the hill or up the hill. And for this reason, various mountain bike manufacturers have continued to unveil new and more sophisticated types of mountain bikes to cater for your needs.

What makes the difference between the various mountain bikes is the kind of suspension used to make a particular bike. The three distinctive suspension features include:

Full suspension

A bike with a full suspension has shocks both at the back and the front. You can maneuver through rough grounds and dirt trails with ease and at speed using this kind of a bike. The full suspension features make the mountain bike to be heavier, making your ride more comfortable and hence less tiring.


Hardtail bikes have shocks in the front only. The front suspension makes your riding easier on a rough trail since you are able to keep your hands steady on the handlebars.


The rigid mountain bikes are not fitted with any suspension. In the old days, rigid bikes were the trend but used to be quite heavy. Today, this type of mountain bike has been made lighter and hence easy to pedal unlike in the old school.

Without further ado, and putting into account your bike needs, below is a list of the different types of mountain bikes that you can choose from.

1) All-mountain bikes

If you are looking for a bike with stronger frames and a full suspension, then this is the right one for you. You’ll probably hear other people referring to it as an Enduro bike. You can ride it both uphill and downhill since it has about 140-160 mm of travel to enable you overcome technical and hard obstacles. On average, an all-mountain bike weighs between 25 and 35 pounds.

2) Cross country mountain bikes

This bike is light and mainly designed for speed. It is the most common and widely known type of bike with two kinds that you can easily find in the market, and that is the race and the trail mountain bikes. The suspension of a cross-country bike is relatively short and hence less bouncy. However, it can retain enough strength to steer through rough terrains that you may across in your expedition on long-distance or walking trail routes.

3) Downhill mountain bikes

Built to sustain a smooth ride in rough terrains and jumps up to 20ft high. They are usually heavy with a big suspension of about 180-220 mm. Since you can’t ride such a bike uphill, you can have it hauled up the hill in a vehicle and then ride it downhill.

4) Freeride mountain bikes

Just like the downhill bike, the Freeride mountain bike has been devised to increase the ease of maneuvering. It is built for technical stunts such as jumping and hence lighter than even the downhill bike. It has a suspension of about 160-180 mm, enabling it to sustain any downhill or uphill trails.

5) Folding mountain bike

If you are those people who cannot leave their bikes behind, then you should get yourself a folding mountain bike. It is extensively light and very portable such that it can fit in your car trunk or suitcase.


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