Top 5 Best Portable Dishwashers – Buyer Guide

Unlike built-in dishwashers, portable dishwashers utilize your kitchen faucet and sink each time you operate them. So it might pose some inconvenience to you if you’re thinking of using the kitchen sink while your dishwasher is running. Nonetheless, it is still a great option especially for buyers who are planning to move to a different apartment soon or those who aren’t willing to sacrifice a significant portion of their cupboard space.

Best Portable Dishwashers in 2018

We review the best portable dishwashers available on the marketplace, see the list below:

SPT SD-2201W Countertop DishwasherBest Portable Dishwashers 2018 – Top 5 Portable Dishwashers Reviewed

The Sunpentown SD-2201W Countertop Dishwasher is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple compact machine that performs very well in the tasks of washing dishes. We Purchased this unit for our own personal needs when we go to our cabin during the summer months. We purchased the unit about a year ago. The setup was super simple. Its not to heavy even for one person to handle and it has been washing dishes perfect for a while now with no issues. You will find the perfect dish placement layout after a couple of cycles so that all your dishes always come out sparkling clean. The Sunpentown SD-2201W is very easy to use as its pretty straightforward and only has a few buttons. We believe you will be very satisfied with your purchase if you go with the Sunpentown SD-2201 for your portable dishwasher needs.

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SPT SD-2201W Countertop Dishwasher Details

Design: The SD-2201W is a basic looking countertop dishwasher. The body is made from a sheet of aluminum and the front door is made from a high quality plastic. You get to choose from silver or white for you color options. The interior cavity is made from a durable stainless steel. All in all the SD-2201W looks a tad bland but maybe portable dishwashers are not suppose to look beautiful. The dimensions are somewhat standard for all countertop machines. The SD-2201W dimensions are 21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 inches and it weights 48.5 pounds.

Features: The Sunpentown SD-2201W has 6 place standard place settings. An easy faucet connection hose allows you to pretty much put it anywhere you have a sink. 6 different wash cycles allows you to wash your dishes in heavy, normal, light, glass, speed and soak mode. Included is a silverware and dish rack basket. Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser standard. Water temperature climbs up to 148°F. Noise level is kept to a minimum at 55db.

Consumption: The SD-2201W is energy star certified so rest assure your energy bill wont be affected greatly. The regular water consumption per cycle is around 3.8 gallons or 14.5 liters. If you are more technical then the energy used by this unit is around 220 Kwh/ year.

Durability: The Sunpentown SD-2201W is very durable with the aluminum wrapped body and high quality durable front door plastic. Most importantly the interior cavity is quality stainless steel for countless dish washing cycles. Along with all that you have a 1 year parts and labor warranty standard so no need to be worried.

Pros & Cons of SPT SD-2201W Dishwasher


  • Compact
  • 6 place standard placement
  • Dishrack and silverware basket
  • Easy faucet connect (hose included)
  • Best price out of all the Countertop Dishwashers
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of great reviews and history


  • The user manual is useless
  • Customer service support is questionable
  • A tad bland looking
  • No LCD display
  • only two color options

Now that you are fully aware of what this portable dishwasher has to offer you should be ready to decide if this is the ideal machine for you!Buy From Amazon

SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable DishwasherSPT SD-9241W Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 18-Inch, White

The Sunpentown or SPT SD-9241SS is the best portable dishwasher that offers a larger interior cavity than your standard countertop machine allowing 8 standard place settings. The Sunpentown SD-9241SS is in our opinion the best looking portable dishwasher. The SD-9241SS offers great features, durability and looks for a very good price. The SD-9241SS is not a countertop style unit but looks more like your regular dishwasher but with a much slimmer profile and also rolls around easily on wheels. What also makes the SD-9241SS very portable is the easy faucet connection to any regular tap. This machine is feature packed, has good reviews and if you want the biggest but not full size portable dishwasher then this is the best choice for you.


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SPT SD-9241SS Portable Dishwasher Details

The SD-9241SS is a very chic looking unit and will be very well suited for any modern looking kitchen. The Dimensions of the SD-9241SS are 17.72″W x 25.98″D x 36.02″H and the weight is 121 pounds which is a bit hefty but it does have wheels which makes it very easy to maneuver. The dishwasher has a quality feel to it, the body consists of thick aluminum and the top counter is a solid plastic. The front door is made from a nice brushed stainless steel as well as the interior cavity which gives this dishwasher great durability for years of washing dishes. The dishwasher comes in two color options a nice silver tone or white. The silver color in our opinion is the better look but if your kitchen is white then the choice is obvious. The unit is pretty quite at 55db.

The SD-9241SS has 8 standard place settings which give you a bit more room than the regular 6 place settings. An easy faucet connection is standard and a hose is included. six different wash cycles, all – in – 1, heavy, normal, light, rinse and speed. With the SD-9241SS you also get a time delay feature, refill reminder, error alarm and the upper rack is adjustable to accommodate larger pots and pans and its energy star certified. Water temperature reaches 154 degrees F.

The Sunpentown SD-9241SS is energy star certified and uses 295 Kwh a year. Water consumption is also kept to a minimum of about 3.65 Gallons per cycle.


The SD-9241SS is very durable and has a solid build. The interior cavity is a high quality stainless steel. The exterior is just as durable covered in thick aluminum, quality thick plastic countertop, and a stainless steel front door. You also get a 1 year parts and labor warranty so no need to stress.

Pros and Cons of the SPT SD-9241SS


  • Lots of space in this compact dishwasher
  • Solid construction
  • Easy faucet connection
  • easy to use
  • plenty of features
  • Energy star
  • Best looking
  • Good reviews


  • Heavy
  • not as compact as the countertop dishwashers
  • customer service questionable

The SD-9241SS is a solid choice if you are looking for something a bit bigger than your standard countertop dishwasher and more feature-packed combined with a chic look that will suit today’s modern kitchens.Buy From Amazon

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher - WhiteThe Danby DDW611WLED is another popular countertop dishwasher that has plenty of reviews and history and performs perfectly in the duties of dish washing. The Danby DDW611WLED is fairly similar to the Sunpentown with some very minor differences mainly in that the Danby comes with a small LCD screen for you to scroll through your wash options and we do admit that is handy feature to have. The other difference is the Danby is slightly better looking than the SPT countertop dishwasher. The Danby is a great choice if you want something that offers a slightly better appearance and an LCD display.

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Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Portable Dishwasher Details

Design: The design is a standard Rectangular shape. The machine is covered with an aluminum body and a quality durable plastic front door. The interior is a durable stainless steel construction with durable plastic silverware and dish baskets. The only color option available in white, unfortunately. The controls are all positioned nicely and are easy to understand and use. The LCD display helps scroll through the cycle options and allows you to see how much time is left until the dishes are finished washing. The Danby is very easy to setup and use and is built solid. The Danby is pretty light to handle even for one person and noise is kept to a quite 55db. The Danby has dimensions of 19.7 x 21.6 x 17.2 inches and weights 50 pounds.

Features: The Danby has all the features you will find on all the other countertop dishwashers but is also equipped with an LCD display. The unit has 6 standard place settings, easy faucet connection, and a hose is included, Energy Star certified, 6 wash settings including heavy, medium, light, speed, soak and glass. Auto detergent and rinse agent dispenser are also included for your convenience.

Consumption: The Danby has the lowest water consumptions out of all the other machines at 3.17 gallons per cycle and its also energy star certified.

Durability: The Danby DDW611WLED is very durable thanks to the quality stainless steel interior that withstands water temperatures 148 degrees F. The outer shell is also durable wrapped with a thick Aluminum and the front door made from solid quality plastic. A 12 months parts and labor warranty is also included.

Pros and Cons Danby DDW611WLED


  • Excellent performance
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • LCD display
  • Looks pretty good
  • easy faucet connect
  • easy setup and use
  • Good reviews and history


  • Only one color option

The Danby is another excellent portable dishwasher which has excellent dishwashing capabilities. If you are looking for a machine with slightly better looks than the SPT and one that has an LCD display then the Danby will be a very good option for you. The price margin is small when comparing the SPT to the Danby so if would like to have a LCD display than it is worth the upgrade.Buy From Amazon

Koldfront Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The Koldfront PDW60EB manufactured by Edgestar is an excellent choice if you are looking for a black countertop dishwasher that is super simple to set up is probably the easiest unit to use. The Koldfront PDW60EB is a solid Machine with all the standard features of the competition.

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Koldfront PDW60EB Countertop Dishwasher Details

Design: The design is the same as all the other countertop dishwashers in terms of shape. This is, however, the only dishwasher offered in a black color. The body is made from a thick aluminum the front door is made from a solid quality plastic. The interior cavity is made from stainless steel which is very durable and can handle many years of dish washing. The Koldfront has dimensions of 17-3/16″ H x 21-11/16″ W x 19-11/16″ D and a weight of 48.5 pounds. The Koldfront looks pretty plain in the front but it is very easy to use.

Features: The Koldfront has 6 standard place settings. 6 wash cycles. The unit comes with cutlery basket, dish rack, and a cup shelf. Also included is a hose for easy faucet connection. The dishwasher is quite keeping to around 55db. Water temperature reaches 149 degrees F.

Consumption: Consumption is kept to a minimum. The machine uses 200 Kwh a year. Water consumption is also low at 3.8 gallons a cycle and the Koldfront is energy star certified.

Durability: The Koldfront is very durable. The shell is made of aluminum. The front door is made of solid quality plastic. The interior cavity is made from stainless steel. The machine comes with 1 years warranty and 3 months labor warranty.

Pros and cons Koldfront PDW60EB


  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy Faucet connection
  • Energy Star
  • Good reviews and product history
  • Good price


  • Only color is black
  • 90 day labor not 1 year
  • Bland looking
  • no LCD display

The Koldfront is another excellent option to choose from especially if you are looking for a black countertop dishwasher to match your other kitchen appliances. The portable dishwasher comes at a very modest price and is very easy to use.Buy From Amazon

EdgeStar Countertop Portable DishwasherEdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher for 6 Place Settings - Silver

The EdgeStar DWP61ES Countertop Dishwasher has the feature packed with things like child lock features, rinse aid warnings and time delay options and we think its the best looking dishwasher out of all the other countertop dishwashers. The EdgeStar DWP61ES is easy to use, and like the Danby comes with an LED Display and looks very chic. Additionally, the Dishwasher has a well proven track record of good performance and lots of good reviews.

EdgeStar DWP61ES Countertop Dishwasher Details

Design: The EdgeStar DWP61ES is a sleek looking machine with the standard rectangular shape and a dimension of 17-3/16″ H x 21-11/16″ W x 19-11/16″ D and a weight of 50 pounds. The unit is made from aluminum and plastic components. The interior cavity is a solid stainless steel for long lasting durability. The only color option for this model is a silver color but it looks very pleasing. The Controls are all very simple and easy to use and the amount of buttons is kept to a minimum.

Features: The EdgeStar DWP61ES comes with 6 standard place settings, 6 different wash cycles including heavy, normal, light, rinse, glass and soak, LED display, includes dish rack, cup shelf and cutlery basket. Other features that are included are a delayed timer feature, child lock, supports plates up to 10.5″ in diameter, auto rinse agent dispenser, rinse aid warning, time remaining display, easy faucet connection is standard and a 5 ft hose is provided. Noise levels are also kept to a minimum of only 55db.

Consumption: The EdgeStar DWP1ES keeps water and energy use down to a minimum. The unit only uses 200 Kwh a year and uses 3.5 gallons of water per cycle. Additionally, the DWP1ES is energy star certified.

Durability: The EdgeStar DWP1ES utilized premium quality components for the exterior. The interior cavity is made from quality stainless steel to withstand years of dishwashing. EdgeStar also gives you 1 year parts warranty and 3 months labor warranty.

Pros and cons of the EdgeStar DWP1ES


  • Led Display
  • Lots of features
  • Good reviews
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy faucet connect
  • Low energy
  • best looking in its class


  • Most expensive out of all the countertop dishwashers
  • Comes in only one color choice
  • 3 months labor warranty not 1 year

The EdgeStar DWP1ES is a very good machine and we say if your budget allows why not opt for a more feature packed portable dishwasher with a very stylish look. The unit featured all perform about the same in terms of washing dishes. The DWP1ES comes with a few extra perks like LED Display which allows you to see how much time is remaining until your cycles finish and also lets you easily cycle through your control options. Other perks such as child lock feature, time delay features and rinse aid warning are nice features to have.Buy From Amazon


We have come to a conclusion that for the value and quality of this compact dishwasher you really can’t go wrong and we stand by it strongly and would have to say it is number one in our list of portable dishwashers. We personally use this machine in our cabin during summer times and it has works like a charm doing exactly what its supposed to. The setup out of the box is very easy and is not rocket science so you wont need the manual anyway.

The above list we presented should give you a better understanding of what you are looking for. All the compact dishwashers mentioned above include a 1 year parts and labor warranty so you can be assured in your purchase. Along with the warranty all the machines we reviewed have a track record of being good and reliable units with plenty of people who are very satisfied with their purchase.

It is up to you to choose which Portable Dishwasher is best suited for you. Granted all the units we reviewed are similar but they do have some small differences that should outline what you need exactly. The list above represents five different highly rated compact dishwashers which all perform great in their main task which is washing dishes in a compact form as well as being reliable and durable.

  • Updated May 12, 2018
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