Best Water Bottles for Kids

With the emphasis so clearly on conserving our environmental resources, many parents are seeking out durable and attractive water bottles to cut down on their use of disposable plastic ones. There is a great need for sturdy, safe and easy to use products that are age-appropriate for the various developmental stages children grow through. Manufacturers are listening to their customers and creating wonderful colorful choices that little fingers and hands can manage on their own or with a little help.

As the desire for practical, easy to clean bottles became stronger, some of the best names in the reusable drinking bottle industry have responded by offering good solutions for kids that have all the features that adults have appreciated for years. Now youngsters can accompany their parents on many different outdoor activities and carry their own fairly indestructible bottles with the same styles their parents have. The very littlest ones have tinier versions of their own, with plenty of bright colors and patterns to please them.

Here is a brief review of the product highlights for some of the best available.

Thermos 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, Frozen

12 Ounce Bottle, Frozen Aqua

This Thermos product for kids will keep liquids cold for up to 12 hours. It is designed with the proprietary Thermos “vacuum insulation technology” made famous generations ago. Made of stainless steel both inside and out, the bottle has a push button lid. When opened, a straw pops up for sipping. There is a handle that is integrated within the design to make carrying the bottle easier. It holds up to 12 ounces of cold liquids. It is not recommended for hot liquids and it should be washed by hand.

Other bottles are thematic as well. Boys and girls can enjoy choosing Batman, Barbie, All Stars, Multicolor; featuring a character looking very much like Mickey Mouse, Pink or Blue.

Out of 3, 161 customer reviews, 71% gave the product 5 stars. Most everyone who owns one loves the cup that their children can use to drink their cold liquids. The downside for people who want them now, is that there is very long time between order and fulfillment. Some have ordered and are waiting between 2 and 5 months for their orders to arrive.

Reduce Water Week Kids Kaleidoscope 5 Bottle Set

reduce WaterWeek Kids Reusable Water Bottle Set

This brightly patterned set of bottles is a great idea for families that want to have enough bottles to cover an entire school week. Each one holds a generous 10 ounces of liquid. Each bottle is uniquely colored, so color-coordinating with the days of the week could be a time-saving solution for busy parents. The set has its own refrigerator tray and the bottles fit into lunch boxes easily. They are BPA free and safe to clean in the dishwasher. The screw-on tops are white.

There are several additional themed sets including Lil Monsters, Cutie, Cosmic and Simply Sweet so that boys and girls can choose their favorite theme.

Though having a set is one of the more popular things about this product, the major issue everyone has is that the white tops are not attached in any way to the bottles. Customers are losing them quickly and needing to find ways to order replacements. Some parents have had problems with cracks and leaks in a few of their bottles.

  • May 9, 2019
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