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What Can You Get Out of a Wine Aerator Review?

If you’re thinking of buying a wine aerator to help you get the most out of every bottle of wine you open from now on, you should definitely make sure you read a wine aerator review (or several) for every aerator that makes it onto your shortlist. This is the easiest way to find out more about the range of aerators on the market, and what other people who have already bought them think about them. This can help you make your own decision on which one to buy, so you can see it has its merits.Best Wine Aerator

Here are some tips on reading wine aerator reviews so you know how useful they can be.

Look for the overall picture

Make sure you read all the reviews to get an overall feel of how popular an item actually is. You can tell a lot from skimming through as many reviews as you can. After a while you will get to know whether a particular wine aerator is good to have or not. The more information you take in the easier it will be to come to a decision about whether to put that item on your shortlist or not.

Use more than one website to get the broadest picture you can

Many of us go to just one or two websites to read reviews on a particular item. But you will see that it can pay dividends to find out more about the aerators from lots of different sites. Pick say, three or four, to get a good in depth look at every wine aerator review you can. The more you read the easier it is to see whether all the sites agree with each other about the facts and features of each aerator.

Look at individual reviews to get a feel for how the person has used the aerator

While you are skimming through the reviews to get an overall feel for a particular model, it can be easy to forget about the individual comments. Make sure you take these in as well as they will offer further clues as to how good a particular model is and how efficiently it aerates the wine. Sometimes the odd throwaway comment can spark a thought – such as someone saying it was easy to use but the design made it hard to handle for example. It is odd comments like this that can help you towards your final decision on which aerator you should buy.

Which one are you leaning towards? Wine Aerator Review

By the time you’ve read a good number of reviews on different sites you will probably realize you are leaning more towards one aerator than another. Take this as a good sign – and a sign that you are almost ready to buy.

As you can see it is possible to get a lot of information from a wine aerator review or two – There comes a time when you have to buy, but these reviews will help get you there.

Is a White Wine Aerator Really Necessary?

If you have done any research at all on wine aerators you will probably have realized that they are most useful with red wine. This is because red wine is generally full bodied and more likely to contain sediment and be heavier on the palate than white wine. So does this mean a white wine aerator isn’t really required, or should you have one for white wine anyway, to ensure you get the most out of it?

In truth the opinion on aerating white wine is divided. Some people will say that white wine should definitely be aerated in much the same way as red wine. But others will say that aerating it makes little difference. It is up to you to experiment with one or two aerators to see whether you can see any appreciable difference. In addition it might depend on the aerator you use and also on the wine.

Should you use the same aerator you use for red wine?

Since wine aerators can be washed through quite easily, there is no reason why you cannot use the same aerator for both types of wines. Just be sure you do wash it through; ideally it might be better to run the white wine through first and do the red wine afterwards, once you have washed it out.

Can you buy a specific white wine aerator?
Yes you can, and some wine aficionados certainly have one for each type of wine. In some cases it is said that the white wine aerator will act slightly differently, perhaps letting through a different quantity of air to get the prime result with white wine. On the other hand there could be little difference in them; it is up to you to form your own opinion on this.

However if you know someone who loves their wine they would no doubt appreciate a gift of matching red and white wine aerators to use whenever they fancy a glass of wine!

Experiment with different wines and do a before and after test

This is really the best way to figure out whether a wine aerator will be ideal for white wines. You can pour one glass of wine to taste and then pour another one through the aerator to try separately. How different does it taste? Is there an appreciable difference, enough to perhaps invest in a completely separate aerator for your white wine instead of using the same one you use for your red wine?

You may find it is possible that some wines show more of a difference being poured through an aerator than others, so don’t stop at one. You might decide to aerate certain types of white wine rather than pouring them all through whenever you want a glass or two. It’s up to you to decide.

The good news is that you can get specific aerators for white wine if you want to, so you always have the option to invest in a white wine aerator.

  • May 21, 2018
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