Camping Packing List for a Minimum Budget Travelling

We are stuck in an office eight hours a day with bosses breathing down our necks and find ourselves drifting off to the Caribbean’s or the tranquil mountains of Switzerland as we stare at our screens. We often wish we could just pack our bags, tick off our camping packing list, book a ticket and go, go, go!Camping Packing List for a Minimum Budget Travelling

But there’s a reason we have these silly office jobs; we stick them out so we can do exactly that: Save enough money for our travels!

Travelling is an expensive hobby, making it difficult for us to up and go whenever we feel like it. But what if I told you there are ways of travelling on a minimum budget? What if I told you I can provide you with an excellent camping packing list that will help you along your way? Intrigued? Then read on!

‘The Trip’

A few years ago the Dutch MTV channel had this brilliant show called The Trip; have you heard of it? It consisted of two teams who had to get from one side of Europe to the other in twenty-one days. There was only one catch: They had a pathetic budget and had to find ways of travelling as cheaply as possible. That meant having to try their absolute best to avoid transportation, accommodation and even food costs and really had to pay attention to their camping packing list. You know what it was that really helped them reach their goal? The gift of the gab! If The Trip taught us one, it’s that if you approach people in a friendly, open manner, chances are they will react equally. So if you’re hanging around a gas station trying to hitch your next ride put on your biggest smile and explain your situation, you’ll be surprised at how forth-coming people can be! A lot of people have travelled this way and it comes with a big bonus: You will meet some amazing folk!

On a low budget, camping will be your best option.

Shops like Decathlon and Overstock have made it so easy for us to find the right gear for our camping packing list. They offer great prices and quality and you will be able to find everything your little camper-heart desires. There are a lot of beautiful campsites around and in Europe especially, you will be able to find some sweet deals. If you’re looking for something cheap, don’t go looking around popular tourist areas; due to their location they have no problem jacking their prices up – which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any better than the cheaper alternatives. When you’re travelling on a minimum budget, the most important thing to include on your camping packing list is a number of campsites you’ve already researched before taking off on your trip. In doing so, you will avoid having to lug your stuff from campsite to campsite until you’ve found one that meets your budget.

Your Minimum Budget Camping packing list: Things to Consider

When you start putting together your list of cheap campsites, there are a few things you should look out for. Some campsites have their own on-site cafes and restaurants; this is a big plus for the broke traveller! Most campsites will offer cheap breakfasts and whole dinner menus at an excellent price. This might sound like a bit of a luxury, but if you want to eat healthily on your trip, opting for campsite menus can often work out cheaper than cooking for yourself, so make a note and add it to your camping packing list.

Some sites also have their own tennis courts, swimming pool and other entertainment areas. This is of course not a necessity on your budget camping packing list, but it makes for a nice bonus. Why? Well sports activities are always good fun, whether you’re on holiday or not. And if the price for an hour on the court or pool table is included, then all the better!

If you come across a campsite that offers cheap bike rentals, jot it down on your camping packing list! Bike rentals usually aren’t very expensive, but they’ll be sure to knock up the price in cities or along the boulevard. The bike rentals at campsites are probably the cheapest option and having a bike to get around will add a touch of luxury to your budget travel. With a bike you will have the freedom to explore your surroundings without having to worry about parking/tickets and traffic. Plus you’ll get some extra exercise!

How to Keep Your Camping Packing List Light-Weight

If you’re travelling on a budget you need to make sure you have all the necessary items for everyday things like cooking, washing and sleeping without packing a big amount of weight.  One of the most important things is to find a backpack that offers good support on the back and a lot of compartments for easy storage. By using a bad backpack you can seriously damage your back! Some of the items you will need to include on your budget camping checklist are:

  • Gas cooker
  • A pot
  • Sleeping bag
  • A light tent that can easily be strapped onto your backpack
  • Rain poncho / waterproof

You might wonder why I didn’t include any more cooking utensils on the camping packing list, but that’s easy: You really don’t need to bring a pan just because you are used to frying your sausages in one. In the end a pot will serve a lot more purposes: boiling water in a shallow pan is going to be a lot trickier! Small, compact gas cookers are easy to find these days and won’t take up much space or add a lot of weight. The same goes for easily transportable tents; Decathlon offers a great range of tents that don’t need any tools: You simply take it out of its bag and it sets itself up! The rain poncho doesn’t need much explanation: It will keep you and your stuff dry and that’s the most important thing – you wouldn’t want to get ill on your budget trip! It’s all about having fun after all!


  • May 18, 2018
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