How to Pick the Right Mower for Your Lawn

When you have a lawn that you need to take care of, it is important that you have the right lawn mower for the job. Types of lawn mowers that you have to choose from include rotary style, hover mowers, cylinder, hand mowers and gas or electric mowers. You want to be able to match up the best mower for the size of your lawn while taking all of the extra features into consideration prior to your purchase.

Do You Know The Right Lawn Mower For Your Needs?

A lawn mower that is cheap does not necessarily mean that it will be lacking in performance. You simply have to know what options you can look for in a quality machine at a great price.

If you happen to have a lawn that often sees a lot of use, you have to be able to buy a mower that will be able to take whatever gets thrown its way. You have to choose a mower that will be able to power through and take the occasional debris without breaking down or taking on too much damage.

Must Know Terms Related to Mower, Those will Help You to Buy Right Lawn Mower

Deciding to buy a lawn mower can be a costly decisions. It’s vital to understand the verbiage that you’re going to be using and hearing when you’re considering a lawn mower purchase. You’ll hear terms like ‘mulching’ and ‘rear rollers’ so you’ll need to know what they mean. You don’t want to be talked into something that you don’t need. This could be a costly mistake. You’ll want to understand what various features can do for your lawn and mower. You’ll want to know what you’re hearing and be wary of terms that you don’t understand. You’ll need to know what the various terms mean so that you can make the wisest selection on your needs not what a pushy salesman tells you.

Gas Mower

A lawn mower that runs on gas can be a lot more expensive than an electric model. It is always going to be in your best interest to take your time to wade through your options so that you can get the best price for the gas powered mower that you are interested in buying.

Battery Mower

If you do not want to buy a gas mower and you have had an electric mower that seems to constantly get tangled up when it comes to the cord, it may be time to look for a high quality mower that runs on a battery. There are some great models out there today that can stand up to all different types of terrain. A battery mower is a cordless model that offers you a rotary blade. This blade is powered via a NiCad or a Lithium ion battery. The battery will sit upon the top of the mower. Each battery will last for approximately 15 to 30 minutes while you’re mowing and then you’re going to have to recharge or change to a charged battery. Ideal for a small or an awkward yard however, if you have a larger yard this model won’t be really helpful as it will run out of power before you run out of yard. A robotic model is also battery powered but it will take itself to the charging station when the battery is low.

Lithium Ion: This is a specific type of battery that will power some mowers. They are designed in a fashion to deliver power but they don’t weigh as much as their counterparts the NiCd battery. They also offer a longer lifespan. Lithium batters are more expensive. But they are fast.

Electric Mower: If a lawn mower is powered via a battery or electricity is considered electric. Corded electrics are the less expensive option here.

Cylinder Mower

If you want to have a perfectly manicured lawn, the best choice for you may be a cylinder mower. This is a model that a lot of landscaping companies will choose for the best finished look. These are ideal for short grass. With a cylinder that moves the blades, it will cut against a fixed blade as your scissors do. It has a contact free method that the blades are designed to use and won’t actually touch the grass but simply come into contact with and cut the grass. Ideal on lawns that are often mowed but you’ll struggle with longer or thicker grass. They offer a heavy roller that leaves you with a striped finish. Additionally, electric and petrol cylinder machines offer you hand push versions as well. The hand push versions don’t have any cables or fuel they are just that, manual. You are the power source and you will simply push the mower forward and it will cut the grass.

Grass Collector

This is a cloth or plastic bag that attaches to your mower to catch the clippings. Larger sized collectors are ideal as they can save you trips to the compost pile. However, many don’t work well so read the reviews and know what you’re getting. Some have a window in the top of the bag to show you when it’s full.

Hand Push

This is also a manual model that is powered by none other than you. You move it forward and the blades turn and cut the grass. Ideal for a quiet mower or if the grass is shorter and frequently cut.

Hover Mower

This rotating blade floats on an air cushion and doesn’t appear to rest on wheels. They are theoretically easy to maneuver when compared to wheel models. Ideal for awkward areas or shaped lawns. They won’t leave as tidy of a finish but they will do the job. They tend to struggle on longer grass. The basic model is light but it doesn’t collect clippings. IF they do have a grass collector they are typically built in and sit on top of the mower but can cause it to be less maneuverable.

Cutting Height

This is the height that the mower will cut your grass. A wide cutting range will be from 12 to 70 mm and is helpful if you have a large lawn or if you have more than one lawn to cut. Ideal for varying lengths of grass that can grow throughout the year. Single height adjusters are easy to adjust with the turn of a wheel. They are less expensive and some have wheels that you remove and replace. This is fine if you don’t have to replace the wheel often to change the height.

Essential Lawnmower Features

Essential Lawnmower Features

There are the features that are essential to have in a lawnmower. Here is an overview of the most important things to look for when purchasing a new one.

Power Wattage

For electric mowers, look for its wattage. The higher the wattage, the better the mower’s performance will be. For petrol mowers, the power is determined by cubic centimeter capacity or “cc”. The larger the cc, the greater the mower’s power is.

Cut-Blade Width

The cut blade with is what you need depending on lawn size. For a lawn sizes up to 50 sq meters, choose a 30 cm width. For up to 150 sq meters, choose 35 to 40 cm width. A lawn that is larger than 250 sq meters needs a petrol mower with a cut blade with of over 46 cm.

Cut Height

If you have to cut different types of grass or need to cut more than one lawn with different heights, choose a wide cut height range. The height can be adjusted as needed. For rotary mowers, choose a 12 to 70 mm cut height range and for petrol machines, choose a range of 23 to 80 mm.

Box Litre Capacity

The grass is collected in a box which is measured in liters. The larger the capacity, the fewer trips you make to the compost pile. A mulch side-discharge will help, too. It sends nutrients straight back into the lawn.

Electrical Cord Length

Make certain your electric mower choice has a cable long enough to stretch from the house to the furthest point on the lawn.


Choose a mower with a weight you can move about easily from shed to lawn.

Lawn Rakes

Choose a power lawn raker to remove dead grass and moss. Once these are removed, the lawn is able to drain properly and grow strong and healthy. Lawn rakers work to remove fallen leaves during the autumn months, as well.


Be sure all electrical mowers can be connected via a plug in its RCD adapter. This automatically ensures protection against electrocution.

Knowing what features to look for in a lawnmower will help you choose the best one. You will keep your lawn looking beautiful for years to come.

  • Updated March 9, 2019
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