Best LED Christmas Lights Reviews

If you’re looking for great value LED lights to incorporate into your Christmas decorations, then we think that you can’t go far wrong with shopping online.LED Christmas Lights Recommendations

In this article, we’re going to use the products from the Festive Lights LED lighting section to show you some of our favourite lights this Christmas period and give you some advice about how you might like to use them yourself.

White LED Lights

White LED lights are probably the most popular type of Christmas LED lighting so in this section, we’ve found a small, medium and large option to give you a variety of products.

White LED Battery Operated Tea Lights

The first of our choices is the small white battery powered tea light. These are a great value product costing less than £5 and provide a safe alternative to real tea light candles.

They’re battery operated, which means there’s no need for power cables — which makes it overtly obvious that they are artificial lighting — and used around the outside of a lounge or bedroom can give that genuine candlelight flicker to add a nice calming mood whenever you need it.

Although these are Christmas lights, they’re also suitable for use at any time of the year.

LED Christmas Deer Light

Stepping up in size, this lighting fixture is much larger and would be more suited to installation in either your front or back garden.

Unlike some large outdoor lighting fixtures, this deer is actually quite subtle and understated regardless of its large size.

This light is mains powered, contains 80 LED lights, stands at 90cm in height and therefore for a price of only £130, is a bargain as far as we are concerned.

LED Christmas Tree Lights

This light is the larges in our white lights section and stands at 6ft tall!

The cost for this light is £200 but when you consider that Christmas is a yearly event and the rising cost of natural trees, this is great option for investing in what is a very impressive lighting fixture.

The tree is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, which is great, as this gives you even more flexibility to use it in different ways in the future and features a massive 640 LED lights.

Red LED Lights

In the red LED Christmas lighting section, our favourite light certainly can’t be called subtle, but if you’re trying to wish people a Merry Christmas, then you want them to notice, right?

Red LED Lights

This lighting fixture is wall mounted and has the dimensions 160x70cm. It costs £170 and is sure to get you noticed with predominantly red lights but also blue and warm white lights incorportated in it too.

Green LED Christmas Lights

Our favourite green LED light is this fantastic 6ft fibre optic Christmas tree.

Green LED Christmas Lights

At just £109, it won’t take long until you’ve recouped your costs in comparison to using a traditional living Christmas tree.

The tree stands at a height of 180cm (or 6ft), contains 240 individual lights and is suitable for indoor use only.

Colour Changing LED Lights

As a bit of a bonus light, we also want to highlight this special small light.

This small egg is only £4 but it changes colour automatically and therefore adds a great moody element to the lighting of any room.

When you’re sitting in the dark in your front room during the festive period, this is the perfect light to completely change the mood of the room.

Although it might not be your typical, traditional kind of LED Christmas light, if you’re looking for something a little different, then this is what we recommend for you!

  • October 8, 2018
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