Top Mountain Bike Brands of 2018: Diamondback and Schwinn

Top Mountain Bike Brands

Not all mountain bikes will give you a great riding experience. The bike’s manufacturer determines the performance, comfort and safety of the bike. There are two top mountain bike brands that most cyclists love. We are talking about Schwinn and Diamondback Bicycles. The two brands have been in the market for a good time now, and they clearly understand the needs of the riders. Therefore, they have been improving their bikes according to the needs of the riders.

The two brands have successfully dominated the market by the production of high-tech mountain bikes. In this article, we feature the two brands and establish some of the forces behind of their success.

Diamondback Bicycles

This brand has a wide array of mountain bikes; from open trail to city streets, Diamondback provides bikes for every rider. You will select a bike built for your journey. This brand allows you to choose a mountain bike according to your terrain and riding goals.

Diamondback Bicycles

Do you want a bike for relaxed riding, to cruise the woods or participate in sports? You will choose a model from the following array.

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Diamond mountain bikes

These bikes are designed to handle tough terrains found on off-road adventures and unpaved trails. They are built with firm frames and high clearance to enable you overcomes rocks, debris and mud encountered on different terrains. These bikes feature upright handlebars to allow simple handling and wide tires for effective shock absorption.

Diamondback road bikes

These bikes are ideal for riding on pavement. They are designed for fitness, commuters, and long-distance athletes. They are built with high-pressure, narrow tires that offer a smooth ride. These mountain bikes also feature light frame and high seating position.

Diamondback Hybrid bikes

These are excellent bikes for casual and leisurely riding and also cruising across smooth dirt roads. Hybrid Diamondback bikes are perfect utility bikes. These bikes have a lightweight frame. They have wide tires and superior clearance.

Diamondback cruiser bikes

These bikes are built for style. The casual cyclist who loves to cruise the neighboring streets and across park streets will love the cruiser bikes. They are beautifully designed; featuring a blend of colors to attract you as you ride around.

Diamondback BMX bikes

These bikes are designed to perform jumps and tricks on the park and track. Their wheels and frames are smaller for superior maneuverability. With these bikes, you can ride on various surfaces.

Diamondback Youth Bikes

These are perfect bikes for tweens before they upgrade to higher level bikes. They are bikes designed to provide confidence to kids as they cruise the driveways.

Diamondback Bicycles are expertly crafted to ensure you have a thrilling riding experience.

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Schwinn BikesSchwinn Bikes

Schwinn is also among the top mountain bike brands. The company has rolled out superb bikes on the market, and it has a big share in the mountain bike industry. We have done an in-depth look at the Schwinn model. Proceed to read and get all the facts about the Schwinn bike models.

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The company has various models on the market. No matter your riding desires, there will always be a choice for you. Some of the brands include;

Schwinn Cruisers bikes

These are perfect mountain bikes for cyclists, who want a comfortable, simple and classically styled bike to trail on the beach and around town streets

Schwinn Road bikes

At times, you just want a bike that is perfect for straight roads. Schwinn has taken care of that by rolling out Road bikes. These bikes are ideal for fitness cycling over any distance. They are comfortable, lightweight and right for cyclists who want speed.

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes

The Hybrid Schwinn bikes are designed for fitness and casual riding off or on the road. They are perfect for cyclists who are looking for versatile and comfortable bikes.

Schwinn Urban bikes

Urban riding requires an easy bike, and that’s why Schwinn rolled out Urban bikes. These bikes are perfect for the cyclist who require the durable, stylish and functional bike. They are ideal commuting bikes.

Schwinn Bike Path

If you want an easy and comfortable riding bike, then Bike Path should be your choice. These bikes have convenient aspects for casual cycling over all terrains.

Schwinn Kids bikes

Your child is not left behind! He/she should also enjoy the exciting riding moments. The Schwinn Company has Kids bikes of all ages. These Kids bikes ensure your child will have the joy of cycling a bike.

Schwinn Mountain bikes

These bikes are perfect for all riders who are looking for a rugged, solid and durable mountain bike to cruise over all surfaces.

Schwinn Archives 

The Schwinn is a bit conservative. The company keeps an archive of all bikes from past years, and you can check their collection for amazing bikes.

Diamondback Bicycles and Schwinn are the top mountain bike brands. The two companies continue to produce high-tech bikes each day!

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  • Updated May 23, 2018
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