Watch Battery Replacement

A complete instructions on watch battery replacement, change your watch battery now at home easily. Changing a watch battery will depend on the type of watch you have. So this instruction covers all type of watch such as Snap Back, Hatch Back, Screw Back.

Tools Require to Replace Watch Battery

Before going to instruction, you need some mandatory tools. This are case holding vise, case knife, fine point tweezers, plastic tweezers, small screwdriver, battery tester, case wrench, watch closing hand press, polishing cloth.


Watch Battery

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Watch Battery Replacement Guide

Changing of watch battery will depend on the type of watch you have. Look at the back of your watch and compare it to the pictures given below. If the back of your watch looks similar to any of these three, click on the name below picture to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step-1: Place your watch in the case holding vise. Clamp the watch in the case holding vise by opening the two halves of the block, placing the watch in the middle and gently release or tighten the two halves so that they hold the watch firmly.

If the watchband does not unbuckle or unclasp, separate the bank by pressing down with a pointed to remove the spring loaded pin that connects the bank to the clasp or watch.

Step-2: Remove the back.
Tools Needed: Case Knife

Most case backs are napped on and can be removed by by inserting a blade into the appropriate notch of the case or case back and twisting the handle of the tool to pop off the back.

When no groove is provided, be sure a sharp knife is inserted into the narrow slot between the back and the case. Once the knife is firmly in the groove, a slight twist of the knife handle will pop off the back.

Step-3: Remove the battery.
Tools Needed: fine-point tweezers, small screwdriver, plastic tweezers.

IMPORTANT: Before removing battery, be sure to note which side is up. You will have to put the new battery in the exactly same way. In some watches, the battery is held in by small metal clips. If so, carefully follow the directions to the right for removing the various types of clips. Use plastic tweezers to remove battery.

  • Updated February 3, 2019
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