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Persian-Inspired Area Rug
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An area rug is a rug which only covers part of the floor and, as everyone knows, the most beautiful, best quality rugs are Persian ones. Persia has been renamed Iran, and this is where these lovely rugs are produced. Are you considering one of these rugs for your home? If so, keep reading for all the best tips and advice about choosing the very best ones.

Why Buy a Persian Rug

Not only will a Persian area rug add elegance to your home for many years, but it is also an investment. A hand-woven rug can be passed down 4 or 5 generations, and can last for centuries. A machine-made rug will last about 20 years. If a rug is handmade, the loops on the back are visible and the rug should not crack when you fold it. The fringe will have been woven into the rug, not sewn on afterwards.

High quality wool Persian area rugs are made with soft, luxurious wool while inferior quality ones are made with scratchy wool. Softer wool is better at absorbing dye so your rug will not fade. Some people base their rating on knots per inch but this does vary, even with top quality Persian area rugs, so it is certainly not the only thing to consider.

Best Rug Designs to Complement the Room

A rug used to be the centerpiece of a room and sometimes it still is, among all the modern gadgets most of us have in our rooms nowadays. If the room the rug is going into is already decorated then you will need to choose a rug which matches the current décor. If your room features various colors then you might wish to opt for a simple geometrically designed rug. If your room is neutral or very simple, then something in bright colors with an intricate pattern can work very well.

If you are putting the rug under your couch, table or under a 3-piece suite and table, then ensure there is at least 3 feet of rug extending out from the edge of the furniture on all sides, so the beauty of your Persian area rug is not hidden from view.

  • April 23, 2018
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